Grammy Awards

WATCH: Gnarly Davidson is the Anti-Hero We Need... And Famous

Remember that viral video from a while back showing a cell phone exploding in Cee Lo Green's face as he was in the studio? It made its rounds around the same time one phone-maker in particular was dealing with its phones catching fire -- so it seemed pretty possible, right?Well, who knew that what...
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How Are the Trophies Awarded at the GRAMMYs Actually Made?

They take 15 hours to make. They are the only major entertainment award trophies that are still poured by hand. Oh, and they’re made in a small town whose population is just 945 people. They are the trophies that will be awarded during Sunday’s GRAMMY Awards.Craftsman John Billings, who resides...
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GRAMMY Awards: Beyoncé (and Twins) Will Perform “Slowed” Set at Sunday’s Show

Beyoncé is expected to make her first public appearance at Sunday's GRAMMYs after announcing she is pregnant with twins last week.While it is not clear what Beyoncé will be performing on Sunday, reports say that her pregnancy will not stop her from performing. She is, however, expected to have a...
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