The Illustrious Chanteuse Strikes Again

Mariah Gains Redemption With New Song Ft,YG

February 6, 2017

By Cam'ron Durden


   If ever Mariah wanted the world to know that she an independent woman who takes no *ish, her new single “I Don’t” Ft. YG makes it abundantly clear to Lambs all across the world. Debuting February 3rd with 5,310,233 views and counting on YouTube, the newest sultry jam added onto Mariah’s already impressive rosters guides you through the mind of a fed-up women in a relation built on a cracked foundation of trust. Throughout the song, Mariah sings about pouring her heart and soul into a relationship and getting nothing in return. The subject matter of “I don’t” was very reminiscent to a conversation between MIMI and her manager Stella Bulochnikov during the final episode of her eight-part E! docu-series “Mariah’s World”, during which she comes to terms with the demises of her relationship with former fiancé  James Packer. It safe to say that Packer helped draw inspiration during a few scenes in the video, specifically when Mariah is seen burning her alleged wedding dress. While the chemistry in Mariah’s love life may be in disarray, her connection with music and style has never been better. When the video begins you’re greeted by YG rhyming over melodic scatting that rings a familiar sound (a nod to Donell Jones’s 1999 single “Where I Wanna Be”). Lastly, I would be remised if I didn’t mention the mother of twins ROCKIN body!!!! Mariah's got the body, the voice, and a new joint that would make all these young girls in the music industry jealous. Bravo, to you Ms. Mariah.

#IDONT video world premiere is live now on @vevo. Check it out, then download the song. ------

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