PODCAST: Full Perspective with Cam'Ron (Episode 7: Featuring Big Ced)

The Old Dirty One episode, featuring the Fly Guy with Bow Ties

August 9, 2016

Featuring 963 RNB night jock Big Ced (the Fly Guy with the Bow Ties)!  DJ, Andrew and Drunk Julie tag along on episode seven of 'Full Perspective with Cam'Ron'!  Pokemon Go a danger for blacks?  Trump kicking out babies.  Olympics and more.  Check out RNB's hottest new podcast.


Full Perspective With Cam'Ron: The Old Dirty One (Episode 7)

963 RNB night host Big Ced joins Cam'Ron, DJ, Andrew and Kelly in studio for the 7th instalment of 'Full Perspective'.   Are black men in danger when they Pokemon Go?  And other social topics.