Snupe Daniel - Leon Bridges Tickets

Monday, March 26th


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What do they Jake's new Daniel nut inside out or I'd be all this week I got the hook couple my showed it checked out Leon bridges. Going down two nights. And ACL last moody theaters September 1 is sick and OK you can buy tickets ACL dead slot dot com or listen to my show of course he's pushing his sophomore album good thing of course that marks another that transition for Leno bridges if coming home on noting here that as well are these underdogs who sounds. Were reminiscent of days past the good thing is that album firmly rooted in the model world is a gas nods to our bee's story didn't varied history. But he said quote we wanted to find a way to bring the old sound in a way but he vol BP knows can be opted Jane. Ed ACL lab moody theaters September 1 and second I got a chance to win tickets must shell. Around 6 o'clock listen now this week big shout outs ACL there slap. Dot com okay tickets go on sale this Friday it's an AM.