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Wednesday, February 1st


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Hate. DJ just dance into the studio. Vijay John soy and beyond saying he's pregnancy yeah you yes absolutely pars though beyoncé has. Just having twins now Palin listen whenever thrills performing he has certainly has triplets party's whole women do. We included. Like maybe would lose market and it is made here I think they're all doing like surgical stuff like yeah it takes shots and and increasing your normal life thanks to all I think that the DE IRS old I better. They're not they should be allowed into the hall of Famer mothers can be reduced to I'll I I went on with the crowd and I'm. That's how I will say as the man and I know that Shelby should be here today in place. But I just feel like he lives or their age if you don't and saying maybe you should think about slow and on ABC anything beyond silly string this. I'm bond with the it just makes children that more entertaining again. I'm gonna do I you're gonna be amazing but you know it's a mile without their doors he's the news of the day. I'm irritating and actually all senate doing it's just a new school near Cady can actually also if you have put no figure about the W. It's not gonna go down know you look at the numbers are true she bounced around there would be amazed the first time that she was pregnant here with goblins that childhood that's my thing. Telling no one maybe that was one blue. I don't bundles and mayor. Yeah.