(PODCAST) Friday full of on-air birthday shouts for April 21!

Friday, April 21st


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43963. Foot birdies out. Gonna have a number six for the reasons there's very few are for. They shut out the stars season his ankles when he fires but you know we knew of palladium relating to help people become a DOS some on the and I made the video sales in the media awards. Yesterday he's like snow. Number they shout outs is like a train there and he's like oh boy okay I'll see you. But he's still looking local headlines and we're working on yeah we will know. He's sitting in a good way if a train wreck and you can't look away so we shut down now. I don't know. Myself I'm once it was a 43 success story miles away your voices are still Daniels producer can't handle black and the Bozo as an exit in the building and Pharmacia. Rhonda you've ever under. Did you work day you know is somebody else's birthday and now it library in a wrong. I'm wrong yeah it. Under. That's the only run downhill we run them. I was just goes and I was like ability FaceBook they supposed to knowing you know all the FaceBook finance finance it was a picture of like the white male can had to dig deep Sunday and if he's being able distasteful things like millions of profiles. Because of money he got out here I was surprised yeah. An elementary cry you know in America no intimacy you love story is slight but do you know the hottest day cosmic connection. And we only will we Elena and any other means pancakes. Does it does seem well this. Our lives while Lowery thank you unhappy birthday. Dear and a army alone okay. Yeah but once it was 6436. 63 heart failure to understand that what's your name. Among yeah. And I think. Besides you calling dollars and did you call the ministers. I judges liked it needs to go beat hardly. Mama you did a great job you gotta clean engine favorite Jacoby moments. I'll see every mom as he plays those. The only live war. He's right for Connolly yeah like you southeast and Oklahoma State and guys graduate from there any word on exactly yeah. Don't know why. You know and tonight a lot of kids you know he's going to school and you know put the money quit school with his young man is gold going above and beyond just money. Did you all of the older and Connolly Elliott. Yeah Connolly America and we appreciate you happy birthday season between class. And finally revealed on deck. Right by six point 36 as a story got a birthdays and albums that you filed. Mohammed. A are okay easily by those are you okay related birthday to you mom okay this was the you've got a favorite moment from a it can't hurt. Everybody argues that wow. And yeah. Odds are and our motto of towards drugs through them we don't origin. All my guys did Jimmy Key scenes then my eighth. On bars and knowledge right now I'd take him and he's established out. Hi Bob Woodson and 6436. 63 British generosity got a British and I'll also. They're crowd got a bonus. Barbara tomorrow okay what's his name. Is it OK okay birthday tomorrow April 22 time in how I don't know what's in and operatives who problem. I rather doubt you get a favorite moment from your brother. Always read everything out the paper moment now okay already in the castle so yeah I think that yes that's appropriate appreciation post I was. Yeah supposedly the acting as a CNN camp and we'll hand you can't do radio and I had doubts about. From England seniority. No I don't mean like yeah. I'm gonna. Broke all the people and they were all equal opportunity employers in this building. It is a test and it's OK I don't think that's six point 36 Essex three got a birthday shadow so. Happy birthday to my girl Rhonda. One OK guys guys running younger. Rhonda McCullough 21 years. You are idle listening. Mary I came we appreciate you. And maternal Rwanda's boards and we're going. What legal limits are referendums bridge to cherish and the exchange of surgeons and retired military supplies in Italy and go to Richard on the town of the lonely because there's nothing. That charge to attract a high IQQ do you have missed yeah. I. Erica I do which aren't balances are needed to get to countless got here and and yeah. And you couldn't agree. Yeah. Hey look ma yeah. You he's announcing my birthday. Ten already down though OK Lisa announced Hubert yeah. He. Had to turn your radio booths. Didn't see this. Okay all right Hillary sounds. I think I'd Max looked. Anxious and that was by some bills and made.