Miss Mykee

Thursday, June 15th


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Okay so does Mikey inability and looks tonight and we had EP. Release party slash celebration yeah will be drinking water Audi drinking water OK with the sparkle in a terror. We asked if she average ranked up what she does she didn't know what it is an SOK it's like a mix it can be used to water dead presidents cup is trying to tactics like instead of Texas so Texas has but you know it's stupid. Facet valleys up to sound nervous did you listen to the nine. He is are you or not he's. Definitely an idea at what I'm not a Briton and he's bright and I would have to say probably auger is so dramatic and brandy and her. You begin to bed be together they act if the play about Baghdad and Nvidia Booth that's like they've had it goes and. And as deep right there right this Mikey again looks tonight. Out west is six street the new EP re had had a stake in the MW. He said that's an advancement. I just wanna set out to everybody living anybody who live in and airline pilot and a drained and deal with a wanna do in life in happy about it. Yet so when you reach your peaks you know you just keep on trying to climb high at times you deploy will be mass Rebecca. You know once it's in part at MTP re add the missed Mikey. Party tonight looks Wessex Pete flunked. Black got to vote has big Symbian house Obama being out of our problem what we drink the water out by the fact that ask you know this season the water either their considerable and that's right but I support you you you Cosby does is great because it's and it says it like give up. The vices is not ease. If Matt is it out it was a definitely a list for me and I'm just happy to. Says inform people about it that Lotta people look at people who drink in abuse substances and and I whacking it they just that. You know drinking hard line and I get the disease like this I have the cycle. Yeah it'll blow you get comfortable doing things innate to get off in the levee. Anyway. It's hard for personal experience and what whirlpool is from but and on this Mikey a shout out to you and we appreciate it thank you thank you there.