Monday, March 20th


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Three foot birdie out. I just went crazy nasty stories of the final day spicy seasoning does not see miles mortal but fortunately CX YZ season ends today is the first day sprain is that we do is that asks Bob what do. Six point 36 NASA story you got a birthday shout out. What exactly I don't know why she's an animal out loud all on how to wedge and you. Hello we got an up club people learn quadruple birthday shout out. They didn't know heinous. Thing is written in the stars yeah. We got to go thank you. Oh hammering enough the rice exports or six NASA's stereo birthdays Jenna has also give a deluge announcing a number of days. Richardson arms aren't the carrier's return to or near route to write in unknown let's see you look at what's his name almost sounds. They are looking at the scene okay well was cooler is represented. Cherry OK and we and we gas will have beach on the scene double digit she doing a great job as a mom and I can't. Lie. I'd say yogurt or is does so you kind of closed since of the greatness of ties with. Areas batteries are resilient pricey days county near 9 AM all. Good night and having an image since he signed an tablet shell thank you thank you you. OK I'm army O'Donnell guys. Around Taylor being held on a guy. The Eagles don't. Dale Augustus. Bicycle racing classics are my does British tennis he got as you may see a sand sand and a birthday we sent a west. Him eighteen yeah. We'll come in and day and dish yeah yeah. And big. Yeah. Sending an OK you Lydia lovely well what did you name. Okay what has happened in the city to go with the action. To tell you about it I'm learning is how the modeling center army field on a guy eats. Again please oh OK now would you lady I six point 36 NASA story and thank you beholden unleash on them to put a birthdays. Yeah yeah yeah I'm Rick Barrett did it. How do you think we'll make it okay as soon as she did holes I hate this extent he birdied original album wasn't angry. And he's very lucky man taking girl. I hadn't exam room left I'm not playing in a sleazy looking okay I six point 36 NASA story thank you called in Louisiana super uber basis. I. Yes it was our turn to hey we. And he's it has been hey now how you turn eighteen today. Because they're. I. She's. The underneath your our panel hello I have no major data. Right double birthday shout I mean we load of that lead what is Jennings. OK we would appreciate I senate seats raised OS senate today a man who trichet thank you look and army held on a guy and its army gusty cold Arnold Jack yeah. Okay it's when those days hey army held Arnold Jack. About our time bottle away on next Monday we just listens and ninety's Olson will slowly beat bush in an on a suite on inside nine R&B OK all right. A 6436 NASA certainly appreciate you held an early show announcer new. Charter today that he is able to do is that a plan and implement it and bam he's turned candidate condiments in our rights we took from diseases and the new greens. Hmmm OK do we do we appreciate it a listening. Our current McDonald's can't in my own time arm and we appreciate you good thank you so list. Army don't look at my goodness my exports resist necessary thank you solid enough we should announce into the birthdays yeah. Perry yeah about the number. You know what a name like James Lee he's he's he's destined for greatness I. Guess it was estimate for a okay certainly had a British teams in number it's a dream anymore we Datsyuk and okay see more as we gotta we gotta go. Taylor and winters is Sheldon release announcing the birth Wednesday. It's you windy and I can get a similar settlement agreements they sent out problems. Oh man I was I nearby Newton yard I was patient yeah. Cook at last one we got go right six forgery success story he got a British got out to get the last one it was a oh my gosh so last leg up on me how funny ha ha hostile. OK look. This is based solely solely be BJP close close mix to stay soon. Plus every men's clinic is the sand. Here's what you can.