John Legend interview (April 5 2017)

Thursday, April 6th


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Page on your own with Steve Daniel K Kim day off that. She's doing good up as you're right here at the purpose at this. I had a lot bathroom which you make too much noise. Kristi say to imagine so crazy I'd even keep it that's. He's the best Massey chief he's elaborate and spent half the everyday it is anticipated that. I jungle like seeing grandes Academy Awards Goodell was Vienna deadlines. Especially when it does raise a lot of joy every single day and these you a lot of fun to be around that we're having a great time being new parents snake gets passage at DG and show underground that you plan Frederick Douglass tonight. Well this have to do to help out anyway effective for the show that shows are so well. Our creators created something really beautiful and our cast is just an incredible and a lot of characters are fictional. But this year we include. Harriet government played by the great patience clients via. Have a another church and they William still who was a real characters relies. And art creative wanna meet its common do I guess throw as us Frederick Douglas for tonight's episode and I was happy to do it. I hate ZX John Legend on the phone John we outplay love you now. But it sounds when urban AC stations there is nothing new album darkness and delighting in the new single analyses sheriff irony of darkness in the. Second same area as the second single off first album darkness from light. And we started this whenever they see actually because usually like. It's a great song or are to be listeners. And this is a story about love to throw my love that meant to last and I'm really proud of as far as what my favorites on the album. Did you ever consider taking a hiatus from listening in to concentrate and acting here. He just lets sing and. I doubt however take a hiatus from singing very you know well when I did La La land left to sum up for a few weeks and and he's so even though there was this thing and evolved into my main focus was sort of mistrust I did a good job as an actor. And if what if I get another world and I think it important enough for me to do. Then. Focus on every time that I need to Bogut Barnett and then. I'm never not be a musician Obama among best minds that's who I am so yeah my distances in large bird revolve around music. We got dead easy and tonight underground John Legend on its own up planes Richard Douglas and sound system time or two days now. Labor.