Full Perspective With Cam'Ron: The Old Dirty One (Episode 7)

Tuesday, August 9th

963 RNB night host Big Ced joins Cam'Ron, DJ, Andrew and Kelly in studio for the 7th instalment of 'Full Perspective'.   Are black men in danger when they Pokemon Go?  And other social topics.


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You are now in June we can do this broadcast on the world wide plan yeah it's full perspective we cannot earn its. And enjoy the show. Yeah just judge Julie yeah. You're getting out early and John yeah sure I remember Kroger Vijay and Bjorn truly. Non drum Julian. Joan Juliet ready jewels. Are there any joke is that there AT&T'S. Can set up my iPod then producer. So iPod here I hide. It. And let out. That. When each. Jews were you turn Julie turns forty going to be good old dirty drool all dirt. Oh my god that's bringing. Oh DJ. Call it yeah there what is old crusty jewel. She's. Okay executes well Iowa last. And it is bowl perspective. Congratulations. But no way is an exciting episode. It's not my name's camera on and you are tuned in to pull perspective. It's an exciting episode of upbringing gas well. One prendergast and somebody's come back before Robert in here and this will ha ha ha ha. Obama introduced. The myth the legend. Access and who knows who. We go. Yeah what they do what you do yes I'm excited hearsay they can learn what I told you about this and I'm unemployed and this team needs to be on the show right ankle could really doesn't look I'm glad to be in the bill and amendment. The arm arm I'm excited for two in his park has storm I'm glad to be here and AM mountain. Mama talks amass man has his own he was there. Als yes US that would lead in my first podcast yes which was fine but then I was just get teased the studio open now. I'm on a hold of the level demo shows say it. Yes it's mine joke you know where all the way. That's a good. Those are talking about and it and then of course I've got my friend Andrew. Which you are my prayers all the time in general really oh I like that are one thing I need a lot of period you do sometimes dwell on what we're gonna do with. I'm talking about how we all put on hold hands and referred drew in the name of Jesus you know I mean you're gonna pray for him yeah oh look at. Whole I'm I'm a bystander here but I don't you got you on saying his name wrong it's he drew Weaver. You got out of that happens to Mary Bruce the only true. Does I don't know I'm not even Jewish aren't you know I think it's my nickname did you have a lot of Jewish friend I don't you do there aren't you yes I'm not a Chad Campbell what happened okay you have to vendors out of southern half. And you did not show up. Edge it was mostly my first guess as him leave jail and he didn't show up its own schedules I was like you know I got a joke because these two. Wow and your I was like. What happens what was it DJ let something about it when a Jew doesn't lock into a room. A what do you do what with two black guys did you all that's right as she doesn't show up. I think was Jewish I didn't know I just met him that's okay Hardenne goes the whole mountain standalone. And so did you just like they're doing and you're. You're on the study you know whenever you have an animal zoo is you know so has multiple meanings. And got us another battle talk about most of them believe go out to talk about we have a good level of audience. He's a colleges in the building had. Don't know what's up I'm just here for more support you know I preach autograph is nonsense yes. Well I'll restrain out of Austin, Texas when he did the show starting guys ready. Yes them turn. The lights are out here and we know very little guy Mario as the underdog yeah Julia and endearing little. With this board. I hate us are not fit so well paying isn't so we do. What word jewels we know we weren't aboard we know you've got your sweetie let that they use that. Our engineering department he wanted to talk to those guys that are right around Lauren go to arm bogus in my books including the men in the show yeah yeah. I drove. Yeah oh yeah I mean believe me aren't aren't Arab if I need to just all of your own Mobile, Alabama jets are used you'd just Sheila. Drugs that little little merry little. The moon. But hey I want to ask this question to her jewels your car driver and he. No she's not Levi disorder are fast and urged college friends there we don't cougar OK I happen to call her friend set you free angels is going to be throughout this is all for show enthusiast and. It's this is great but now we go let's talk about on this Friday that we're recording at which is the eighth. Month of the fit. It's the way I know saying everything right now are 88 month low today today I hit it out of fear of Beirut yeah OK I'll. Are August the fifth 2000 frosty ordered sixteen and 260 that he fifteen knows is that we must take time I think since that day after the after Christ. Today's opening day of the Olympics in Rio which Scotland. You guys are meant to our ceremonies are on right now are so. Can we ought about our eggs exit edit so from actually it started on Wednesday I've his dream he was I mean this Olympics is a pre Olympics. It starting like history yet know what did regularly soccer. Now to you he drew. Moment it has laws is games need to be played anyhow. I manic this little girl's gotta go 02 Eagles have been murdered over you know I don't know I want okay Diana the okay soccer fan you hornets a lot to me Alex that tee and into my shell. She's okay well we're gonna started it started off like I said this is the doctors podcasts in the world wide web average is up for the first story okay. Why playing Pokemon it might be deadly for young black man. I know that's the headline of this story. What would your blood mean what about old like me who has been little new tool I mean I. Oakland mayor should not playing doubles almost learning and the president and lazy play and I might go they'll know. They'll mama either. I just assuming Charlotte bound for a child that you hit. Ahmad but this we're whalers took us there were no one no I mean spirited fight do you want to know what is dolls knowledge of Pokemon down on. That's what would happen but I do know that I'm and avid player of the game alone won't let alone let her forehand he drew a K heater that's got. Let's go he's here for mortgage. Let me know. Put this out or my phone industry golf would right now. And I want I want to be here I want to be sold and so clearly you know what is being what. As happened might seem childish but it's not built for the demographics of like kids between ages six to thirteen or adults like forty and up it's her kid Zeller grip in the ninety's with Polk wanna saw the company's America's doing antic the company owning Pokemon. All they're doing is just taking advantage of that like. Argent race is a solid of the game and it's paying off like incredibly their stake rose from ten billion dollars at thirty men billion dollars in value which is. But to send us a tuner option increase or release of an app lets see now. I know what I started thinking that pretty nice meaning they don't give you see if you install it saved. Did it for granted her garage I grew out there about regular. When the game started well I thought up because of jewels. And we did it did not work the first like the first week I wanna say because the service kept crashing so there. Anticipation for the game where people knew about it but the amount of loving god nobody expected it. I don't I don't I don't as a items are yet I want to ask this question why is. Drew what came in camp yeah the game more I mean what do you do when you Jews you know. Your so hunting all our views on your use violence please use Google Maps apple not him and so what it does is it takes. In your an actual map on the app and put them on a year like on the map and you walk Upton and tap them and their like appear down in your view in real time yeah. And. Sorry I got tired this give talking. I didn't. I gotta give them every time. Props like you've presented distorted me and I'll let you know I yeah you are Legos you know. I think you'd be a leader used to say didn't you look mongol is now I know (%expletive) you do there's no wasted doesn't know and I know. Obama you were a mass media. Every body know about it I know about it I've seen of her life you make me mad right now. Well I want to go one bit of a negative I mean. Well where's all that we've done it wasn't like really let an optimal. Every down ground I want is already there. And these are veterans and Russa I don't exist only a number. Let's bills forcing Mugabe's thrived doing okay. Trying to do an outlet for real there's no way you did doesn't know I mean I went and I'm like well I don't count out 45 bucks an hour. I don't know our. OK Margo but I don't know no AI what in entails and what you don't because I mean I'd I don't have a game tomorrow. My phones I don't know it's a real life scavenger hunt and market. You're on the hunt to find these creatures from enemy like there's lots of Maxi put in Reggie in this office I don't know how many tuchman has found. However my two or three of but what does all what's also pulled out the out does that down. There's things all pokey stops which are actual locations around like your area yap and you go to and you get poked a ball isn't like other things that you need other quiet and so. Businesses are like making themselves focus ups and light and there is seeing an increase in sales and increase in revenue just based off of new business coming and just transplant in wall. Or no disk that I did read in the news DJ since he's doing I don't unpopular image campaign for. I mean for him they miss going aren't idea see where might he was getting robbed you know triple Margo in. And so how how is that it was it might they would like he's stopped yet to a stop and then. You know they'll stop at that place and they get robbed. Yeah it was that things there's a thing you can get a call the lower model and use it at a book he stopped it just has like. Like a lot of Arnold's not doing so yeah I don't concede on their maps and they come do it to and so that's how people NetApp in an attack. Only Dallas Oakmont this is your source of basically articles basically saying on this young man his name is Omar. He decides to jump hook Margo just take everybody else did back in January is thirty years old. On his beard basically Pokemon doe was that this apple. Basically lead young black men into areas that are dangerous. Dean on and saying. I'm and the thing about Pokemon go. By the way also if I say keynote and saying. I have to give a dollar to the Boys and Girls Club. Austin, Texas forward answer where we have rules on the show us. Yup heartbroken my curse rules over every senate. Each took swords. A shell the conservative side it's hard out aren't ever curse or do you say a dollars donated to the boys and girls a letter from the show are yes and or is America we can all ma'am are you are only. But no I don't get the Kurds don't own way homer for Dario isn't the Chris are out inquired at the word C worried. C wired Juliet says there were you talking about. Well older Israel and we work grins old dirty jewels. Once again bringing about a story back to sir I'm. Basically skiers that Pokemon Goebel the young black men into areas now. But still listening to stories in the news and set people up and found people found dead bodies playing the gain. People been lured into mugging areas playing the game which it makes cents. When I read the story. It bothered me though because they feel like while this game is very popular enemy leaching into these areas there has to be a bit of self awareness and playing the game you know and and saying. Yeah which you can yeah I mean I don't even know where you he should know what you should always that was in Norway use of armies and you know terms exactly your body. Knows you're going into a dangerous area. Then maybe you should try to turn that RUD none of saying. Then it a year pays six puzzled what he said what is your face trial on top puzzle and argue just thank you get out of San ahead. But no yeah. Not there are saying I think Inge who would be the type who walked into some some room to. Obviously they're walking MB that he was doomed war in the causes and as far as I'm. Well this is just got real life you know numbers say and I don't. I mean if there's a Tiki Jew around I mean all the risk I'll risk everything catches right now walk into any situation okay parents said I'm. Passenger you're crazy. Well I mean said you as a black man after viewing your twenties playing this game right you walking through. Soccer park you. Apart randomly ER playing this game enjoying is a timer. Are there are generally mean is Armenians as hard it was Rosie O I mean yeah the thing is the reality of a mean you can get mud into. Brett in open markets in a way you had army and I really even when I'm certain targets and publicity you. That you were the probability UB. Okay well but not as far as racial tensions. Being involved and keep on saying like do you think. Let's say I'll watch decide Agnew now I'm driving around Alice a pokey stopped in full of I'll learn in supersedes a fluke and flew it right. And you don't saying decide to play the game in their park or whatever well I mean. Dishes has gone on today which would we're when mark forced himself like that yeah I'll be terms it is. No doubt just stopped and get harassed. The finalists you know in somewhere where it shouldn't be you know I guess are hard I mean that that's a danger there are mean to me by as far as. I don't mean. In a way you go is somewhere I mean there have been only adds. No sums when that happened in hopes on public and we are only too scared or worse I mean if I was. I mean those are legitimate beard now and you're unable to means certain places and I've said this legit in my life I can't say. Oh I've had issues with police offices I really haven't. To copy the glory keynote and saying. Odds are premieres there you know. Melt snow I would never lied I downloaded the game yeah I played for like I got to start their work. Yeah I'm not gonna play game this that's how I thought how much I'm not gonna go out into the rhythm works and he drove around at a remote. In dripping springs yet they're like that gas yeah there's like a Pokemon gym at a gas is not exactly. So I just. I think they need to be this a bit of self awareness yet. You know I'm saying let's go to bed and everything you know absolutely Larry good I think it's more a social Mike. A social issue there and it is a poke c'mon guys dream and as this recent day at black he was at the Buick as one for me and apparently it. And jeans lunches and Woodson and enter what do you have to say about these racial tensions going on in the yankees' offense. Glove for his June. I mean. I or like I mean like Yeltsin Blake I haven't in harassment. Like please before about I can't really comment on what it's like to be African American to be addressed by the police is among African American maverick had those experiences so I think it's kind of try. No I mean I'm not. Like you really just can't play. I really can't speculate but I mean it's I can only imagine it's can be a little terrifying absolutely especially it's been going all the law enforcement lately. Well that being said Cedric yet again try to play the game among try to play it arm you know I'll try out download the app. Honestly I doubt I'll wait and see one way it was loud about it tries. Mean armed guard and Saddam. I don't get kids can like your daughter can help people in the game artists are sheep like you are he understands our assertions were on our blog good sign. Knew how to they got a stopwatch and all that I barely know how to eased my clock and I found to be honest that's twenty years old in this world. A five that's how old was he. Seven a seven year old knew how to operate a Fonda the united. So do you think it dead actually I mean yeah mark my daughter's she'd left right she would teachings of owns match. She's not mentions. Well this is this in this is that announcing it I don't mean are an on line at the I had to figure out is that a huge. Has RV I know you use lapses like. Just gotten you know houses like hone in on June and the odds are and how did you did you feel that it is our loose he doesn't include. You know I know I'm sorry I did not pay arm. Arms and. But it's no good. Regarding jedi jedi I guess all the other features with did the faced such a dog that stuff too the race she Tom charity that side and I know none of that does us harm people's is clicking. You know I guess they'll screen shot it whatever imposed. On you do you notice how do you you know if I want to have some pretty yards and a flower. Efficient. Or am I yell down hey let's ask our. So on that here. So like very prince asked I think he probably would have approved of some I think it was a purple. Like those butterfly or whatever empress of the purple line around the I think the idea. Lennar yes god actually are Abdullah Abdullah ordered and are afraid while we hear a door and apply downloaded. Our murder put your Marshall right now. And in yards and turner. Were Jews that some portion of his former sister you poke world view welcomed us exactly our sponsors and but I answer if anything doesn't sue would you continue to play it which protests. It would move might something happen to you yet he ran. My guess some have a need gel plate yeah so there it depends light. Me you know I've probably wouldn't I would I mean I would still playing but I just wouldn't go to lake sketchy areas anymore allergist snag charges and I was today is see if it's nighttime I'm not gonna go to like an isolated area late to the Woolsey now. They killed people blocked two rounds will not soccer park are torn shores like 2 o'clock at night. Looking for Pokemon which is strange to me well the thing is they put the rare ones out there like the rare welcome on out there at night says it has no incentive to all senate. But still like his comments and Stockton now. Dion and saying yeah. I'm not gonna walk around apart you would not paying me to lock on rosewood park. At 10 o'clock at night. Even though it's right in the rough area I wouldn't do it wouldn't do that what would you Pryce beat. My price area vials are you can't go outside and walk around rows apart in you that just need to do to lower your price. Our new car. Name your card like a little bit upright they're tested the cost I want a brand new Jeep Cherokee how much does that cost. Fifty that okay did he doesn't buy as much as in ours so use that you cannot pay you you hire you could go through the crowd here. Thousand dollars for gay and maybe clay is a program note donors to Madonna. The film off. Hear how great you know better you have a little island is arena can't do what did you think about Donald Trump in the whole baby thing. I'll let him keep human baby yeah exactly. Not until I the last move we're very key removed had the baby out only runs everything bump up you can do me a little background on oh. He is basically talking and a baby started crying he came out it's not the charm campaign mailer easy to keep people out gnome beach not doing it as an effective job they've got it here. I'm just kidding none baby's fine. Not just you gotta be out here in like gap while. We'll then what you'd be surprised stumbled join there's currently guy is a little surprised. But I liked it well that amount. I'll try that Donald Trump does your own that you thought you ought to just say two year life of each of my church if they're elected to baby out here. Well Wednesday night service the baby cry my First Lady was so generous about it I'm not advocating she's like oh to keep babies cry no it is blogs children's church where it belongs taken out children church I'll tell you downloaded it. I think when he gets set a round of applause. Women's league. I guess congratulations I don't put a Bloomberg data there. Obviously we stand out. I'm Brian here they're trying to give media out to give me oh yeah he's I'm gonna get all the glory and rob today. Off topic here and oh my hero. I everything about that what that is like a brick like somebody just had the game in their idea oh. And it's you know all the old timers and then you're right have a weird like Google Maps is showing you who's out playing poker mongo. Actually by themselves and night yeah image as a rob old people. This genius and if that's not a thing it should be. You're welcome Austin there. Achievement you know I wanna know what I'm saying yet how do you cut is free to ignore his problem but I give Motorola phone for a little. All in the word like turn off from bird. Yeah notice Horford right now go to settings and turn off the music there are slower and although we go to this link you do this to the. You know 101 or I don't wanna bombard the well among. Want to cut and I'll leave we're unaware Dusan front in the middle of the plot I've come back to this later. Maybe we'll make a video Charles ton Sanjay I mean podium there is that your enthusiasm about it let's look to that story. Are you guys a fan of Matt Damon. Some sonnets. Even though that it's okay he's okay yeah I don't watch the Bourne movies yeah I'm I'm Larson latest installment in the movies make me sick this like you know the movement. Messes looked like my vision it would averages that all of our options on action and act like our kids I guess is so much guerrilla. The called grow shot or something like that where it's supposed to be like here moving with him law that makes me light. That Josh is the exact room yeah I don't like that but others as Tyson metric to. I don't my momma said. She will leave my has admire her husband. What Tyson record generally get the whatever. He actually called out Matt Damon a couple nights go to nightclub or outside of Los Angeles. I'm as far as Matt Damon's disapproval. Guns he called the sellout. Because on the cover of the born Jason Bourne movie he's holding. Nine millimeter I don't know guns and notre Kennedys but its a gotten. You know until it kind of thing that coming and yeah. Now meet her younger. Yet I cannot not alarmed that a lot of editorial gun gun ownership and our pilot and not a gun shoot them and there's some right now hi all when those what normal. Everybody I know that running that until mug you and your office I saw the go. My good lies yeah around here. But you'll insulate the RL pro gun or yell pro life. I guess I don't pro Second Amendment Ariel pro life. No guns. Well as I was you don't think anybody should own an automatic rifle I think people generates on a pistol league if they pass background checks and have no way violent criminal record I think the knees dealer Moyer. I think the gun controls needed a little more strict across the board not telling. Was settled by U. I guess for protection and you know our. Then I'm gonna mar mar home northward that norm Brett. Is for protection wouldn't go to the note about doing it. Or Jews that are mounting you need. To elaborate dungeon rooms and write this whole arsenal. Farm generally and you've got to basement full farm which is this isn't it illegal. It's like they got little Wayne in the first place because he had an arsenal of what entry mode I was these are the way or was it TI OT. Idea and I iPad that's a little had a he had like he was voted like it was Baden war wars are like yeah like. Our whole country permanently but it's a serving. I mean I feel like my whole issue of guns is the background check. In the person's clinically insane or breach of the configure a weasel their only gathering and about project I don't think that they should be any guard. I'm for Tyson doctorate but as far as him in opposition. With this movie. I think it's stupid yeah duchy of. Are arming the group I mean. Does data are Matt Damon is against gardens. Are you stand there by the movies. Gotta have guns exec if you are aging movie exactly you know I mean despite Eisenberg who they're for got to eat Matt Damon that eat exactly the president knows in this is part of the job for him to have guns and you know he's he's not think he is our. He's against them they just are. Ya ass holes why it why. He ties investors had absolutely right no he's not there yet he really isn't known though days we'll go to great people though doesn't matter like people. People buy guns based on his image. Matt Damon is an ass hole in this. He's right like it listen if someone with like for Peta then they shouldn't be (%expletive) wearing fur if you and Damon is. Against. Me I'm sorry yes and again regardless of Symbian films starring guy and he's not been Charlton Heston he's not supposed to be doing this you're absolutely right. Like he'd he'd caught a modern his hypocrisy is right. And it let let let drew speak cause Khan and his curse words to those three year right now on this thing and as. She could have ordered not a section five you have my daughter's. And the Boys and Girls Club of the there is no good job is trying to get to an eerie no order and with the black girl. Who's the bar girls girls gone mom ten. And no 10-Q on terror it's updated actually hear them again I'm just trying to get everybody it's quit this morning and monetary when I can't look my Vietnam I had this is all want to meet you -- closer. My god you know but I mean he's I don't agree with that I don't. I feel like this is acting. And I'm pretty sure. Of it here's the power acting different the modeling here's the difference. If you're wearing anything that resembles her. It looks like Ferrer yet so I don't even understand how that he's even argue if you look at you. You wanna tell you do you and is there appears for. He's just for protection of animals exactly so if I can bet for war for. More firm who would we know that it's looking thank you again wearing fur who Wear him knowing for everyone who looked at yet whoever it in bullets Quiroga yell that the nice jacket ambled by and exactly same as you with the kind of bombing thing. I don't and sort of genre that I didn't. So you're saying that people look rather see. Matt Damon are in this movie. Told the guy and an of them. I'm not saying people who do we are good arms and she influences thought he does have that. Keep in that room. He's allowed to do that you on that platform that's what he does he influences spot so if his thought is. And what he says is anywhere he tweets is yo people shouldn't be buying automatic rifles and then he's in a movie. Holding automatic rifles then he's he's a hypocrite to himself to his own image no. That person is a brand he should not be doing those movies if that's how we feel he's not. Not being hypocrites out how the eucalyptus he's been playing even since before he publicly endorse. This whole gamut after he did he should've left it up to Jeremy Renner he shouldn't of gone back into the movies no different movie doesn't need to exist we were done with the trilogy a Bourne movies he came back inmate outfit wind farm oriented. Not 1 or evening again. Okay never paid say exactly how we got an auto tour. OK here's my of his those principles don't Matt don't match his. Bank account since he's what he thinks he's a hypocrite. Says it ended it he gets some OK you're against me okay. Someone. Offered you a project and they're like oh you guys can eat these hot dogs. But they're actually made of tofu or whatever. They look like hot docs you wouldn't eat hot dog if it looked like tofu what Don it is definitely the exact thing they want and yes you. Dad can't I you know. An element like Broussard that audience doesn't know them. I mean that's an accurate audience doesn't know that there tofu hot dogs with us that there's no reason for them to know that. Odd manner that we are suspension of disbelief. So we're not watching the moviegoing yelled at the fake gun were watching a movie going old look at what Jason Bourne data. And we all know that managing exert its big sick no suspect suspension of dis me suspension of belief that's what movies are for we go there to go into another realm. We all know who's playing those. Movies so you're telling me as far as our ties and that pearl wears fur jacket is just happens to be felt for. He doesn't distinct distinguish that. Know everybody looking at that it should go to iTunes wearing fur and everybody exactly. So if you against our key they hit a great depth and saying that Jason Bourne. Malaria yeah I Q I agree somewhat. I don't know what will look real swords and lose not I agreed to sell more. Or is it in play at that. But here's my thing so actors. Go in and they have rules. As serial killers in the kill a lot of people throughout this easy to get real life they wanna kill yeah things are getting killing examiner my game literary political activist stance and they're like yeah oh I'm so anti killing people that's why. Why everybody's so I don't know lifting that I think these big anger against Bill Cosby isn't because they are necessary because all the women it's because he's. Bill Cox. Beat a guy who was supposed to be the father of everybody. That's the point of it if like these bulls beat the major damn near two. America and he's out here right wing girls. That's so all messed up and every single level we talk about this earlier today your brand signifies everything and I guess yet so stay can only do certain things because he's on the really can't be out here just snorted cocaine of ram everybody get their regimen like yo. There are snorkel let's come to accept this. What is Gregory Ford does put a record I don't do they yeah okay remember who is listening said that whereas I'm aware he has that's what I'm saying. Your brand signify everything's all right so with his brain is yelled I'm against guns and yeast strains and against that beat each and every doing anything we've done even as that even if it's a play gun. My parents were dim guns I wasn't allowed to play with the guns as a child. Because that was their stance they were gonna dilly dally on whether they were fake or real it was what it was now when I got to high school young guns or lose their lives when was. What is the name of the man that dated Madonna and no. No. Night after the big question he's an actor giving of his name means. When dizziness. In an act as a data Madonna a good DJ do it but as an act to the dated Madonna. He's played lots of discerning and twist to care years but he is also like many other actors and injury said did this start on the record of saying he is against. Is it Anthony Hopkins learn and not him close but not yet. But yeah he said that he's against. Basically the things that are in his movies. You don't think so I don't think. Matt Damon's like oh just because they've seen me holding a gun and a porn movie that kids are gonna guard here in the streets and shoot each other that's not what's gonna happen. You know saying this it this I think and honesty and I think Tyson Bedford. Is a model. Who has lost steam and saw this as an opportunities bowed out he said he talked to teams heat and the air his grievances you talk mark Guy Ritchie. That Guy Ritchie. Around. Carlos Leon we know and as a means hands and it. Dude if you are either dating thing Dennis Rodman note I had like she dated everybody like this is. Yeah and you seek to block yes she dated two plus yes or no license memories about notre though she did and everybody is accent I know. And they know she did everybody at the 1990 grammys. I get Kennedy junior now. It's not a big. Chuck then that's that's armed right now which are present resident Sean Penn has gone on the record as Andrew said you know basically saying detectives that he is the trade are not what he supports. I think he shouldn't be playing Ohio polls nobody on health EJ nobody's going out. Doing things anticipating that kids are gonna Gagne deal with the dealing. It's not like legit Yo-Yo Yo-Yo I know there's always liked hip hop. But your mom saying. You can't can dim it. If that's what you're doing he's also not going. You can also not standing on the podium want he's accepting the award going. You know all these core morals I'm playing these are barrels he never through the ages goes hey thank you god thank you my family thank you would ever. So that's on him I'm talking about hypocrisy of self not this righty. And the guys aren't new book in question guys from her if all of wow I. Should. Alice's divert our she would like revealed on the biggest conspiracies. Out there and thinking what gets hurt then but I'm if he if the opportunity came up to where you had to vote. On being pro gun rights bosque DI. OK that's enough to get an up and hundreds of is that how would you vote pro guns are would you vote or vote pro Second Amendment which you vote. You know limitations on gun rights limitations limitations by the nation's. War. Players that I don't. I don't think anybody needs an automatic weapon I think everybody should I think people that fit. Background checks and don't might have a clean record for the most I think mission be held back from getting like say a missile or something everybody needs protection. And. The I understand that I just like S and my concern is the background check I need to know how thorough it is that that content in an instinct. You know elderly will let you said what is your opinion. Arm. Your son and all wrong going on a conflict and he won't and you know so. Palm are pleased to be stronger you know. Background checks from what you gonna charge to China due to try to do it is absolutely. But I would mean our our our Google was it was some limitations. You get a vote on this coming up election yes. Little we got a load at a key Donald Trump and losses so did you you gonna vote. Yes. So drew you you wasn't eroded you know I was I don't know I don't know OK I was those in those are OK just. I was afraid you are honestly wouldn't find out for whatever reason you give of cherry Bernie aura and like some of these other burning embers. I mean it's it's a culmination of things and you know this. I honestly valuing those Bernie voters are like Carl Taylor is saying nonviolent protest I'm gonna create Johnson. You didn't tell me the libertarian why alligator Johnson but here's my issue now. Gary Johnson is essentially going to be fighting for the same thing that Hillary is going to be fine now what's the difference he's more because I'm very like. Unlike physically conservative yeah I'm Blake but I'm also very socially liberal need to a lot of his stances. Stances that match mind you he's for like the legalization of drugs and what not he's foil and women's rights. But at same time he's foil like China cut back or dead because I mean. Of all isn't a great job at a preparing our economy but its costs a lot of money in a lot of taxpayer money and so I think we got to figure out a way to get that debt backed down but. I'd I think Hillary you had to find jobs to issue some Tex is going to be a red Sayer regardless oh. And that's something does lead late though for Texas to the blue moon really is stuff we said this in 2008 election the announcement holdup though. I'm dean couldn't come running enter you really think that Texas is gonna vote for Obama. Over John McCain doesn't ASY. I mean or John McCain yes why I mean they have the votes for closer that election in the city taxes and they were with Romney Obama. I don't think I think this is an opportunity that Texas can I mean first saw our governor has. Said time and time again that he does not support the policies in the views of Donald Trump who's a Republican. On nominee but I gonna tank and on top of that you know saying I feel like Keith that's an Paxton. Yeah him saying that lieutenant governor. Was named the attorney general is also slight multiple people in our offices we've elected and has that they are against him. So if those who have been elected to high positions are saying that I'm pretty sure our delegates. Probably feel the same way if they see that as an overwhelming. Support for the Democratic Party and plus at the convention it. But Hillary. Hillary is Terrell candidate and how you look makes a terrible because the fact this year does the races this close to Donald Trump is a joke. Like if you watched any of his speeches how anybody's even voting for this guy's beyond me and how this race is still even close is beyond me he's a reality TV shows to our knees literally. One step away from becoming the leader of the largest superpower in the world I and yet and it is like Hillary if it was Obama due to blown amount of the water only if this is Obama but Hillary has done a good use de Jesus snake in she is listening she's allied Irish I don't there's so many as Bush's eyes. You don't I go oh that's trouble I wrote that things. He's not like Hillary Hillary like there's only so many times they they are tech gather you don't think he's involved somehow in this all the guys these days so it is she intra. That is certain is taking a lot of two evils that became Dante and I really got to go to vote for Hillary emerge from but what I like Gary Johnson more than all three of them. So you're gonna go for the person that's not going to G noticed under way and and the client they're like what's the point important voting if you know voting for you on. I users. In America and while you are so true. Of the group a steady drip wears a hole even in Iraq. I mean a rock not Iraq not Saddam Hussein Iraq Iraq like sentiment is felt. Bloodshed that's all. That this is a comedian. It says it will release saying I'm sorry. None and I have heard about the audiences beyond all that. And it's just mentioned no no definitely I mean I don't. Mean. Both are playing our. Sharp and Clinton. And so what are salutes do you know who union. You gonna put options you know Brett and. After a. You know if you vote on what was your name was Gary Johnson Jerry Johnson didn't let what they do is it will. Minimize of those stores in a Larry for Hillary with. That's the fear it charm in an office. I mean it's a double edged sword because people are going for Gary Johnson hired. We're Bernie supporters Lagos of them and it's like protests and DNC staff end. I was burning a you're I like Bernie Sanders at the news. The best choice at all and I also like Ron Paul maturities well election island like candidates like that that'd have integrity and stick to their values and never voted one way when they say the other thing. And Hillary is done now on 60%. Her policies now she's voted against in the past Iraq for war she voted for it she voted with bush on the Iraq court. She wrote she voted with bush on this tax cuts she's go to the bush more times do you think. I feel like the issue at Hillary she gets such a batter wrapped. She's always had direct with the media the Atlantic is that not salts. It's not her own daughter don't get into the email thing that's subway guy just doesn't help decide. We can talk about that all day I don't even know they really the details of that and I do to nobody knows the details what they hate this one for something that they don't know. That's what's in scenes. Under the deal those that American admission that he must wait where was saying was the issue would correct it matters 'cause. Since we were we're looking at right now is with us is we're and I did it relates to you almost have to anticipate that that's gonna happen before and absolutely. The only person who's correctly anticipated all of us that doesn't happen beforehand was Bernie. Who would like no major political candidate who anticipated and on the right side of history like. With gay people with the Iraq War like Michael with civil rights he was getting his ass what's right beside Marley decaying like that's who he was and eats only very. Yell yeah. Goes there are photos there actually is photos is because it got leaked photos there's did yells at him getting and ask. War and there you see Margaret didn't know right over the recorder like it's literally happen. He's the only person so. It is not. Like there's a video of him getting like his ankles chain telling another Roy Black curly measures change the other to their protesting and they're getting your business but it's me like killer might get a whole speech like the most passionate like endorse either seen for Bernie Sanders. And IDs closer playing in the background. Ides I feel like. What Bernie Bernie has been an office for uneasiness. I CE editors at him that's more. I see a Jewish man. Walked in the background with the qualities and I kind of did our guys. That can be Tom Petty for Beth already there he's exactly yeah. Any receipts okay receipt I favor CRA. Enough I mean but I think he implored the age you are right you should vote for who you feel like fear is correct and I feel like there's been a panic though because. If you vote for who we feel is right. I might cause jeopardy of who's actually gonna sit their Caucasian behind in office. Did mrs. in the Caucasian how's this is probably one of the worst oil isn't like our words candidates we've had yeah. Maybe since I don't I can't think of aware selection are witnesses of that and we'll please god vote for Hillary that's all I'm saying it's going to be jumper Hillary and I'd rather have Hillary because Hillary has experience. Politically yes and finishes I don't trust in I don't like you're really seen as hard real life air and. The thing that gets me about people with Hillary is hold on is that Hillary. Quit working as secretary of state. I've been a full four years but no one said anything about. Let's pull that up and I think that's very strange it's I was gonna run for office when she wanted to I don't doubt be about argument. Over anything he hunting. But. Honestly there's so many better arguments chump can be making go and uncertain I think is that strong all this all this is is a charade just so is his company is now or at this gonna like quadruples in his name and his brand does get becomes so much larger because the whole like every little English and if he was presidents if he was the president is yet to win if you lose it that's a win it's a win win for child and I think he sabotaging the Republican Party also and I think she's intentionally doing it because I there's no way somebody is as dumb. His I don't. Many of the navy is I don't I don't know but I do I refuse to believe somebody can be this and I need this they knew in the stupid they are double Donald Trump does. No doubt that it's is its G show me as much as you want. I need receipts are I believe lieutenant Andre I think Bernie used their might say they do they were rounded curriculum might good Doris your man. Then kill him I mean is true you know. Deep in them politics off like that the guitar the arm Smart by the manner. Menem. In the students are busts are worse yet some years ago me and I mean real pain from the a robber but it is Smart Smart to. That's assuming constant mice these engines probably the best selling in between songs speeches they released like. The most unsung white people in history we all just Wii is just how demonize and has back you'll where you go there have to be some white people who. Gave initiate. I during the times zoom right zero site. Who is that guy and literally we had him running for office half and they still like we will back him up Hillary 'cause of who her husband is where. Bennett nor do more than anything right but Larry because he once again right had a history of all times. Because he backed terror. (%expletive) it I'm voting this year and number Andre it. That's very. Bullets everybody just coming together against Chavez we should and as we should end because. Terms voter base is not. If you listen to like people at those protests and do interviews and not the smartest people in 91. She ideas people line ease a look at people like Paul all right it's a speaker. Yet. When they get the convention the look on his face he may have been saying one thing Padilla and his face as saying. What is happening walks in my heart because liquid tent when Ted Cruz spoke up against the child did not rule brownie points and Larry I hate him and I think he's the biggest piece that should never bush has had I think you put in the giant and knows the other he does own a giant noted black. He owned that he. He that saves the lives that she answered a lot of guts to not ruin his political career like he's there. He can't run as a Republican anymore because their program party's gonna shunned him for but then I feel like as a politician that's what this type a set she needs to make it to be an effective politician will all politicians are fake. That's what that was so that's yeah exactly that's always so cool about Bernie was that he wasn't fake they'll never see here and trump claims we all not pick Trent trumps a billionaire born into with a silver spoon a disaster. They yeah. How are you gonna trust this guy who's in I just love the Democratic National Convention might as much shade as it through and he talks on a crap. But these people are talking crap as well and then they had receipts to back up. All the crap talking talking about. Keep shoulder recedes d.'s I need to see a name tag. At times in a guy like Obama what Albers is having. I think not and I just showed on this thing that light can literati. All Republicans are literally demonized cruise and literally all he said was Beaulieu content he never say no you don't vote against trump or vote for Hillary on its it was really content and well it was it's even a topic. No smell like you gotta see you. I don't know her politics and hello Malone initiatives there was talking about doesn't you know there were ever. These blue salute. Yeah president's election. You know hull of the of Saigon on our sources on that those other Arenas on the totally different you know and yelled seem to America that soft by. The movie have you know that. Oleg -- in the movie Matt Damon is care Jolie says it only can say is it you know do in but why they had a daughter of the planet Ferris there's this Madonna only Gillis their name but. When they sold the Matt Damon popped it they thought you looked retarded and well I senate met Dana in the whole of the a other movie format and now I'm from it's even though it may seem nazism solvency then. So. I I don't care. It is what it is and That's Hollywood they'll make movies and I'm not gonna see is the united union says yeah I'm not gonna beef about it being Italian new avengers. Did you watch you know I know I'm Jeanne any of them that I I watched Captain America the what's a soldier on against a closely alike before our First Solar. A lovely giggles were fairly regularly and where I was lower in light and chi. Are like they're gonna beat me up after the movie house like ever really aren't tired patter remote I'm exhausted is that is. They speaking of beasts I'm so I don't know if you guys saw on the news but fifty cent in the game. Sides apart together when 2005. DJ is a hip hop. He explained to beef DJ. That I am and this is honestly one of the beast and I do not give you say about as I know. Right eyebrow like for it felt like for a week and a half yo you gotta. He drew out a yell out well for real do you divide a closet that'd be hip hop trend that's not good at any image you love soccer more but let's just inputs are beginning to love I'm starting to what is wrong with the U like I mean I'm losing sport yells at me I mean did you almost bonded we almost became friends. And now thank. Some designer the no no no bid because soccer out in spite of any minute now right it's not your soccer fans and I divide religious with the night. I'll be excited about a minute now. We are friends these no anyway. I'm silos that question because I was so my it's. OK so game I got into. First rapper ever got ensues fifty cent and it was around the same time in the documentary in mask to come out. And honestly like to get into December only together like two days yeah because they'd and record the songs the other they weren't together they do it together for two days. It was just an East Coast West Coast the end did you know for these are new York and his colleagues are constant call to and so. It was kind of like a renewable like a less talented Tupac and biggie yeah that's us. And there's such an event version of and actually there on charges met outside of do you studios in my one of them got shot on somebody won the games on our shot in the and fifth so this really is replication of what digging into populate but. Literally I think why it happened I think that these that was intimidated by game because. Everybody did you have like they're ceiling like it he was here Lloyd Banks I think on the high ceiling bowling game come then came in and I think game is more talented than any of home runs and I think fifty was kind of intimidated by that. It has game. I think would've eventually been like the forefront a G-Unit especially under that label with Shady Records being huge and do and and I think fifty just his ego got the best of Dominican Britannia. I'm calling (%expletive) on my friend. On one. Because net fifty cent wasn't dominated by games talent and that's why didn't work when life. Because that's how you doing about like you work with a guy who. Listen jury is amazing but he's got Eminem lyrically and he still finds Eminem. Yeah all I'm saying this like this is partially by Kanye West actually been said this to ease that it thinks about it he was intimidated by game because gay icon is called both of them and use them for like an unbiased perspective views and I think that fifty. Was just like you know the sky might be better than me which may not sit in the shed unit nobody's ever gonna turn dumb Tony Gayle white citizens vacillate. He is like you always go really Lilly lyrically out of all of G-Unit fifty cent is not the most glorious autumn Lloyd Banks as a little bit yeah absolutely. But that doesn't speak to yeah oh for real light. Hi AJ is the Disco there truck and there's no reason for Dana sign either one of them condi has had more influence technically. Didn't say Louisiana's. Technically but Jay still signed Tonya what why would hit what was her reason to even make it. Make a lot of money but the thing is con if I. Well I saw his records could sell game couldn't even write his own hooked. Gained cages rapids Iowa game like it's how we do it and hated or -- there was those human mass security entity gave game those hooks his game couldn't write his own case that just proves it fifties more talented league game why would game the Bieber Talladega you can right hooks LA key was able the use like fifties like production and everything. And that helped document revealed to sell because without it document you would have been trash Tyler Earl go. Pearl. Whereabouts lesser. What about why would Tyler ever worked with are old and and sign him onto our future. No they didn't look to get grim each other on the Internet that doesn't make it go pro Israel like. They're actually Frenzel like that the game had no idea who each other words. James did you zero hour hour for you and Allen is still that doesn't go to the point where we are saying that ego always beats. The so now. This is going to build a whole new building the Ellis wrote Joseph yeah Breyer didn't just sit back and but but but. Bottom line I'm glad that the party together as. Okay it's easy how discharging a white guy get out of me you get a bottom line like Dallas and are you Rick what do you try to go. Yeah. And there's. The question I mean we're all fans I don't know if you are injured artsy problem we're all fans apartment seven and the legacy that it has just this afternoon on August the fifth. And yet this morning a satiric. It came out that now. It was he would specifically specifically hot 97 but far faster flex from who is like their evening BJ correct and having offensively. He now linking the Dow is like actual beef between him. Cain and trait because he called the mountain. Basically said that they need to fire him or something along those lines and the blues form yeah exactly yeah and basically it's our long lines because across a flex is pushing to trick for its meat milk beef. And I mean I just drew one of the points or Rosenberg made on the show was that these these are great because great lyrics came out of so my thing is anything good come out of this or anything that mattered come out is the let's Sandra Oh was one of its air and getting worse is game I don't think it didn't go local mix tapes yeah. Here in the opposite but it was king a mixed day so for low lane is roundly fifty. Mr. I want I want to get into the let's talk about the history. Of its yeah that was absolutely you know in the eighties when. Where there was a lot of back door and there was not a battle rap so there'll Donald wrap each other and and and in imminent deal was they would do gold and happy dispersant that directs those comments about rap snuggle back for a job either you're Roxanne and all the hassles real brief and it is an old an eleven what was hello Lynn. Was a guy that can take his name. I'm. Not alone and when Cameron and he was arm. Into his name was he part of the crew of camera on screen though when a market would not let her know it was that would upset what was good guys not this camera head of us. Yes they do they beefed norm salmon called Modi and problem was that none of those who won't be in Somalia as well say hello Dave yeah they'll be able to you know the bike and they're. Yup and always will tell it was really. Yeah care swallows before man army will be would you it was. I do and they will be around each other than in it will go back and forth wouldn't just like that sort of espouses a form of you know the culture. The front coach and I think some things some we beefed narrow margins Conyers toothless in the. Hello I learned from you know Taylor also says she was gonna make that an album. Or like an editor for years outlet to see here come out with some kind of stop dissing Kanye West with this whole thing. I think of the holy areas. Like I. Yeah dude she absolutely will how many. Records hit records by the way as he had after as boyfriends you mean to tell me that out. Successful relationship is beating her is she warming and how McCain or record our gratitude she absolutely will absolutely dead and after her Grammy speech Jeffs who will not salute. Well I thought a list on the source which is one of my favorite sites and actually list the top teams hip hop. Peace. Murray to go through them I have to say this list is biased by the way this because one of the beast is against the source. Look at what I shall we continue so into the are so I never ten Bristol opera Gucci mane verses cheesy. Between that beef. Who do we think wind DJ. I'm sorry I was paying attention I'm owns it may vs GC which congratulations to Gucci man and his wife is an orders do we need to do Jewish friends I know he's made it hits blatant. I play easy to see it earlier today we DJ drama now is easy mom. Just. While I was I I hate you know it. It's super biased I'd just like Gucci mane so much and and he's were McConaughey to him this zip but Gucci mane is a the father of the sound right now I do you know yeah yeah yeah true I mean Gucci sound winds yeah between two. I still do she wins there could let me think about young's listening to some we just listened to the G easy produce urge easy released. It has elements. I was a trap when you get that let me get a Taguchi makes no crap I'll get it to push a T and TI. What do you think Egypt are all pleased if Jeter and yet he needs are dirtier Alistair Goodman regarding. Like I said this employee drew what do you think journal you heat your news. I honestly like I wasn't. Oh my god dominant Iguchi and I listen this loss album that is really. As good it was dead was it better than any other maturities and now after I was in I mean he had maybe like revealing. Use. Or abuse it because. She uses this leg take care part Ford and unnecessary. Well okay in the next what is the source verses. Eminem and and say that of course in the Tomlinson. Well that will in an undeniable prime in the them wasn't gonna lose of these to anybody you have this thing Eminem. He's. Did you listen to our Marshall Mathers LP to try. Which he's only person in history is ever called trashed a might not pitchfork magazine unit at two point and a ten. There's no way to aided and go and by the way did you also gave wonderful out there having give. Any given time you like a classic album rating yet except for like my beautiful dark room not three out of those ten or ten out of ten on page four where where are. College job though they registration on you know thank you since then it Joseph. You've got a nine point three edited out there with a target and then another firefighter Pablo and nine point Ford. That they did this year where we're at tennis for Chicago based. There Chicago they suck and so it they get a chance there today colored alienated going by Gary may have and I argued that it. What does it really did Donna wouldn't give from. School was something going on now treatment is well they have like 75. Relish just in the I really enjoyed that there's an EPO socialism and we went on traffic forever and he deleted by the way and speaking of waiting. If you. Was his name. Seagate. It was a day senator what's his name to Andrea dosing down. Asked. If Joseph money now is what's Apple's main reason it's also released frank ocean Al Franken yeah well today not over. I'm not saying if you don't get all of the united you know right Ayatollah. Patrol when a black hole exactly I know it's gonna happen and I'm pissed that city times it's definitely I can do that however I didn't I'm just pissed that James is right to Christians from wall. He knows he's lying right this is real estate I said that to ice says because here's go Rolling Stone and our president doing then it's gonna promote local police that he was coming off the books out he said that. With a book and every out of a billion. Frank ocean just like him on posts and just plus he's not generally shouldn't an independent that's like addition Google whatever we started on line yet and more open Mike would have Lauren hill did this to us Florio did do this now EnerNOC now they're saying no she didn't now what TV employ up to whatever Florida -- gave we are worn out forever and she never said it painting was coming out and then some and finally got released but she never was I you know I got new stuff for you all and then Mac night. Yeah that's right now does not Lawrence style to this goes to jail instead. Can pay your bills line that's a good detailed. Let question that the real rocks and verses rack in center which I don't removed airs he had an old man and he yet again. A letter I don't know who either of those Diebler chipped out there like from those like semi New York. Eight easy like the bridges so I mean if I don't know who. I know who brought this on AJ I don't know with a real Roxy and so she likened some group was some other means do I think it was like. Bad it was five radio some I do provide some stereo it is the from glass at the branch of the yeah I had Paris area who is that guy from slaughterhouse. That Royce show go to our Royce Joseph Biden Joseph Biden that. Dissed during that whole area because multiple times can't holy areas south of us in the video we're torn. The kids came up to was how absolutely. Freaking holier. I'll reserve days and I'm surprised that didn't like me can drink maybe it by this and in this doesn't look as floods pushed it. Now you know that's that's that's the reason why. And Mika as they look like I mean debt. But I mean rock the rock sand beaches on there and the Joseph injury gives it. Majorities believe everybody be the calming he be put exactly Drake is a lights gay straight years younger himself I enjoy Drexler some start that. From day one side saying that I don't necessarily enjoys flow. But in saying adamant ago he still won this office doesn't seem as president Charlemagne a needless to on the no agents found a sound themselves exactly and yeah Britain three albums ago like get over it move. Put it to me he's making so much money moon does. All I heard a problem that's ahead on the that in the last line extension how some Morocco's and that my sister's wedding and she's she is I I like injury and now like we're like I've heard and a long time like I don't Mexico Frederick from black girl. Andrews while Obama. Horrible can seamless it's a little timbers is foxy browns obviously now seen that nobody knows Foxy Brown is bad but if someone's journal. Appear in the name you know any any any foxy Brown's songs he failed to Ghana and it appears that you don't release form he's gonna it's gonna repeat it. Who'll maybe the illness are terrible defense. I don't pleasant very question who helped push Foxy Brown great question pusher yeah yeah like if we go Kozyrev and ministry go. Polish she 97. Policy. Algae off of the united Gloria he's thirties she's been Jane Pittman Iraq told. She's a winner late thirties early short. Even the picture of Janet Jackson. Marriage but I don't know I could I. You get a kick yourself. Are you by people ya if you know fox isn't really. Needs upped the ante with it's easy not it's amusing mr. zVue when my favorite yes he wasn't. There's a lot of guys are pushing man yeah well as that was our date essentially kinds of rock is in go to. What and I did a lot now is she into negative digits yet that's exactly goes no no that's not her that's of the dozen other growing she's one of his art he's. She's one of his songs that it didn't much look at it in the print them. I might be folksy attitude about the idea though you know I don't care enough to let it might be foxy and satisfy you learn together talk teeth and so ashamed and that of course boogie down production verses the juice crew knowing didn't care. 05. That's Pratt and then it goes to. It does seem. Fifty sitting and with dollar rule he had wanted to greatest yankees of all time and very it and that's sort of my favorite underdog a real earlier somebody was light. Yost when artists go to mainstream they lose out and already know you forgot about body I remember that record still like to thousands of with a delicate hit and we looked it up for whatever. And our radio standards it wasn't hit. But he goes because he went mainstream that's really Los I don't like you just holy sites wiped fifty destroying this guy's career. I want some goods are rules side of the yes. The amount. And that's about it and it moves on to. Moves onto to talk first piggy. What why that should have been number one it really should whatever is on there should be aggressive and I want to say which we know how that induced by a round ball. I don't gonna watch the T gotten the rumor comes out is a two term for the bile from his play yes yes I am the guy who play. Are you now just like can save par Denon seed. And. It's creepy how much he looks like they there. Are doing I salute you okay injured nose was having it was a littering and a studio city are gonna turn them. I then of course number one you try overall. When it's not her sister easy. Oh which I enjoy that you know in our mind that's venal tiger and now I'm sorry I missed that a completely out viral -- meat and trait to join in Ireland. Nikkei drank this or cover shot Nikkei Drake is the inspiration behind us they were on the list anomalous. Yeah I'm sorry. Their. Is it somehow just disc Torre lanes Joba didn't meet here in Austin he did out there you know what happened can I say this if need. If he. I don't criticize the drug Kenya but I would love to see Mickey decides tomorrow with the with the distracting for who. Board against drink. While we should do best they do that's a label made history today and like she's a hole there aren't he's trying to get out of his contract with young money then is any children Drake is not always turning got to cash money yeah now I've calm and it. During doesn't even care did you hear no shop and feels like to rock you like I'm baby boy and improve his weight. And a fragile Louisiana babies boy like you scored both of immigrant but he did you lately you live letter that I don't really care about what's going on which Alton. And ice I thought I read somewhere I think it was on double XL that he was trying to omit himself out of his contract with Winnie. Never heard that and I lately probably say something like that I've never heard that now I'm. And then while I'm in I'll give you zero. I'm believe Cedric can you explain to us Roxanne Shawntae beef verses the real rocks and and they are at a better. It was more. What it. Was. There was rocked the room rush in and what was Roxanne is okay yeah well what it was that. Day arm. We merged. Fellow analysts. The harder it went down two men in the inquiry. Alarming she out of divert rushing how not like it should the most this songs out of all. The real relaxing real rocks at him there right blah blah on ours at the TARP and they had like songs and it was just. I'm sure a lot of minutes I mean you know compared to beta by us yet light coming from different artists. You know I was like a total fourteen this. Yeah loses there however there was on the farm yeah reminds us of the few rooms see him in an Arab in. In and around do anonymous. It was Tuesday that it was is gonna have to invite you to have voted it is well. Yet it look it she. Paid. It was crazy and how. Would it wasn't rocks are sharply in the rural and she arm. Not only downward. You know way. Our guess that was that was our noses at the new name I think more. Oh OK okay yeah. It was you set my name Sama and yet you know what's yeah you know you do you know arm to cut of about she was Russia is entitled to hugely counseled the real rock church is like no arm all of the real Roxy you know RJ you know OK so it was it was more of tonight bloodshed and turmoil that these folks. This is viewed you to my main. Europe's Anand Jon. I like it. This is you you armed on the road Iraq's armed the warmest. In the standings. As doing this. That's that's in the rap game as a as a proxy loses will be flicked. Well I hope this deal is kind of helps being corals and to my main topic which my guests have no idea organ talk about because I want real. Honest opinions. Are a Dick she's again. Who. And printer. Thinks that. Daryn sit did he say not the editing them. Was sick enough to make of them headed out anyway to tie him. But. IA. Make knows what our panel as ashamed little bit but I love reality television's. Reality tell senate TJ. And he does what shall I specifically. Love the bachelorette. Real house wives and gives you sit there are. No no no no no let's go a couple of channels though the blow by guy hip hop in manner. The non political and black women fighting in airports let's let's respect Mona Scott Young who may have satanic views by. It is an it is it's eleven hip hop. I don't like Atlanta though but I read an article I was talking about Mimi tossing the stars on the hit properly. Media fox you know me crosses it. She. Has gotten around a lot but she used to show as a vehicle to guess propel her career and she is quitting. My question is do you think kids. Wrong to use these shows it to use. Any of these things to promote yourself whether being promiscuous way or if it skews shared view in a way do you go from saying. Not a minute of America's of America's gonna eat it up there and make money well okay meaning Foss. That this chick has gone through a lot. She made a sex tape you know and saying. From what she saw the show she was already coming out of a relationship which are rule wage is now woods was just a girl who was light on the shower curtain thing yes. I'll I'll damn now manager and our I don't the other Linda Diaz she's got a lot of for practical things especially for a reality television. As a whole is a wrong though to basically kind of hold yourself out there to propel yourself and life. The prostitution of his what I will call her and much as you heard engine runs I think it's still wrong right until you secure I think there's still wrong now. It's our fault. America's vote differently are. And letting the offense getting ahead eight it's our fault it is I mean. It is your fault. It's stuff is worship. Week in we don't pay attention yet been horses they worship at us and being of course it was it was absolutely right and then he ended up at those we are good jobs strategy cannot. Only play once people if put up you can take it bothered that he needs to go though I feel like as a human being. The only thing I think she took it as far she could to begin is still pushing it though. Yes I do home alarm or American. Just tell me she's not pushing sixty by posting pictures of herself but decade. Talk about how this is my body after it. That is not the tar thought she puts out there but. It's one thing when you are closed my intention or what does failure makes put out there. A lot hateful stuff exactly do we pay attention yes there's a mayor Melton and do employ just going America. Pay attention of the hole. Two Israeli banks is not yet. Not as a whole organ that's not our best friend like. So embedded video you thought you go then she's got a tuition does that's a that's that I'd say we are the police for what makes it into social structure. If we look at it and go yeah I don't hear enough then. We went. We're looking at my you know it's delicious right there you know how many intrigue a little bit more then that's on us. If you have Virginia dated. Not say that they were doing here is the scene isn't here in Austin Libby did love hip hop. Austin yet and they can approach you could sure it's a tussle DJ with an area with an urban music would you do that would you allow yourself to put some thought there. No matter what may happen everywhere in real world that. Yeah GB on your. Love for the. Welker. Lulu hunger. Oh don't read our army how. I will be after all how durable good thing about acting. I've been using knowledge shows the scripted. Yet. It to a certain questions I'll. Don't think his reality yeah you know I mean I want to do that gonna put me on it I want him I want to be real man army of how I would move. I would wind acting. The relatively active. Your arms live I want to be art I would've went in and studied in yet and we're in god and Zack Carr in and audit it absolutely is one of them run our mission will certainly be will it be beat myself yet don't. Don't know how to produce actual launches do this challenges in this thing right I'm just causes mass. The only cause a mess from our own widget that understand Communists in China get ratings and. We'll see that's what Michael does what point is kinda the fact Amy let's say that they're told they told her to go have sex on camera. You know insane and put it for the world to see but I'm pretty shirt. That the produces are like well if it happens it happens there's leeway in you got to accept what's going on with the story lines are among mobile. I am not be the producers. Hussein might beaten in her kids you know he's hurt he does you know need to assist you wanna be you wanna blow up your. People would be you'll get a forefront. Then you need to listen Ecstasy. Inability to say about it. Not that I hater reality TV I don't watch any of it there. I know what you did out now mess I've Bigelow starter but yeah I'd take. The people on the other shows really that must like countless people you're Selig Kardashian in the woods and I would as one talent any of them have. I publicize see that but I don't think that's certainly true which brings me back. Tatis Atlanta shows innings. Housewives on these other shows these people up talent on the ship. There are some gifted rappers on the show but for whatever reason their mind it's skewed and they think that the only way they can make it is Russia when there. Excuse me pastor haven't shown their. Asked on national television and degrading themselves to him saying and there are like there's more options sewage and and saying right to grind for. And it worked for a pretty shirt but the game. Gay and had mom has multiple reality television shows and constant consistently shows is behind on national television why because he accepts what producers. Are offering to him what the story lines. You know I'm saying India. Now appoint a Democrat who could help. We've B artist Leo and religion. These secure route on. No easy answers to. We'll and I overwhelming if that meant people watch it is as good routes they were for people in abundance right there yeah. About Ross Russell Westbrook signed that extension Oklahoma City. You know stay loyal little Kevin Durant thing Ariel his love you know the total got. But knowledge of Attica. So I know it is opposed acidity and about it I'm. Do you get any soccer needs you like to come up. That's it is you're damned show. Jury can pull our respective explorer's engine the school so they were defeated Dan Kenya now I have to that in the type fiction and that's the stories. Let's come next week. Damn can't dance can't sponsor way rookie on my Russian. I know that. I go right to run yeah I was firm served well and so life was certainly should you shoot an emotional. You should now looking at triple rock let our engineers is pleased to have children. They've armed groups in Rockland my arm I. T like distract the bottoms out it can do Joseph Torre got him as an eye out open is gonna Yuri Lhasa chugging cognizant meted show. And through all of hole. Again achieve those markets saw that stuff wherever her those excuses before that's right girls here. Told Lanka's sun is out of the award Cameron's a girl. Old guard to a seven year old. Hello my I didn't. Do you believe he's got some like butch lesbian girls film a regular. Those go beleaguered. Program better did you. The women distributors through unrealized I don't know life lesson you will emerge it's very progress. Mike and our wallets are stated at heart and understand them. Shutout DJ which I do that entity other but I'm. So we talked a lot to be on the show Pokemon go may be dangerous for black and the black mini daddy where where you're going. I'm indifferent about this whole god thing with. Nice and Andre. With my game and I'm. I'll probably shouldn't when it comes on right box them iron whom it's Matt Damon I don't like yeah. And then of course they can all be friends because guess what guys are the in this an argument. As a green. Dude can. You see. It does no it doesn't. Look at all I wanna see. Although sometimes his leg and got called in to these and him saying that's. Although I don't know for sure non or dissolved the subject do you knew immune VR will wash his arm his power power. I love action alone we have night we had a discussion about those. Sugar ain't. I mean I see is different from. From empire. But has empire ask qualities. Are the I was among a group which it does it does mean Caylee tonight that. Exactly yeah this is actually being. Work is yet I should undergo Katie missed a the B drive that's. Exactly do yeah that that's what I was saying so. Whatever the rain which owns or whatever cigarettes and cigarette in your lives there whatever cigarette advice. They are belated birthday to you shaped cupcakes do in your vicious ha ha ha. I Omar now to get a big thanks to my gas let's Olympics at Dixon told where they can find you. And the social media around. And the social media room you can deftly turned down Monday through Friday seven amendment and three iron would be up. Her arm as we're doing this markers and Fries right and they on the night somebody go bold move all of it again. Oh yeah and I'll I'll be you are. I mean right it's so funny I like to daylight and storm our show Marc went on it's his exit flight I'm real smooth. In the end might wanna do my hips. I'm like Yemen and my boss like it out and accomplishment. Crew chief so so. Social media I'm you can hit me up onto the bigs. To. 96 earned the sun room on armaments and and I am. Employee when your former I don't I don't know I essence gives I give I don't. A 41. I don't remember cause doctor uses blue chip nice restaurant it's touted him up on Twitter arm. Disagree is it's the X I think it's it's. A tennis and its sugar. Snap jab. Not yet nurse's actions are curious about destruction and Emerson as a person but it seems they get that together it's called de LAM we will see them together. They collected a right are there and we had as right John Jay college and I'm not heard two GO. On every bank has served FaceBook users it's for families the god. And he's very loud family man and then we. I've been written pregnant. Oh you so much muddy the morning and drove off and I'm not zero risk of death in the malaise and yeah. I think you do DJ for doing that because I mean I grew up. That's why we're into the in the summer was the Boys and Girls Club you know and I am also Brett and Orlando so I mean thank you for help him now. You know she is that needs to let it go. RL mobile isn't just low keyed to our lives how the out doubts there Arlington aisles like you know how cannot bring. How can I make my cursing me positive you weren't telling our American dinner and money Arizona I do it's it's. Yeah six Leo's like Theo. We got to make sure appropriates of those new rules and that he came up. I say just to curse words show he came up with the idea okay for an occurs I want occurs on purpose. And then blow that hard spotlight that was another idea I had for my show and I just do it to yours I appreciate you don't walk copycat dad I'm not a hobby. I'm I'm collier copycat beef if I'm. I know I I don't know if you didn't zone them. It's whatever look he took York we find each. It. Also looked could ever do. I mean if you really wanna find me on social media at a burn for AB UR and number four of a percent mile witty tweets. And he needs anything about soccer this full or NBA number an idea sauce Ashley. Exactly snow on the rockets. And namely. The bearded one. Hard. The fear ruin. Were you afraid that he is gonna be inducted into the car dashing family I was actually thought unity on LA the lakers actually if they are pretty sure he let us. He's close tired nationalities signed. She has he's the fourth best player in Lee government doesn't matter if it plays I'm not gonna get an idea I'm not I'm not I'm I've got to get into this we can talk about this for like the next five towers put any Mara the social media essentially shares a dead snapped shut and your 498. Some recent. Crisis stuff. The. My guys I want my name's camera on it funny eye candy on the radio both on Twitter and answer Graham and my TJ says it. Don't follow me on FaceBook. Mining scam Ron is full perspective or think my guest DJ Collins takes that in of course. Drew from wager like that. I turned procedure but Rhode islanders who learn and to learn. A burn it up all also the far side off only to the big shot out who we are. Multiple. Sites or you can do us. So let's go. You can buy us an ID 63 R&D every Monday is a new episode on the podcast section just search podcast search bar and then of course you can find us on. Sound cloud which slicker home right now that's where it means those and then of course. If you're an android user like myself DJ Collins. He and Dick said. Yes some injuries get together. Please you can find this on Google play too sick to work full perspective and you'll see me at the in the podcast section that the dot. At that tipped blood upon visited the bottom can help that. But I'm in the my guess I didn't. I was there check my eyes checked my FaceBook. Guy and you've reduced there was good news. Can't maximize. When they got the sense of perspective might scare Iran remember god is good in America. Keep it classy Xeon X we can produce truthful perspective we can Ron. On Twitter and even the radio yeah see you next week.