Monday, March 27th


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Austin area jasmine is not present in this league Grammy nominated Eric Roberts and right now imply he sees it there. Not a collapse of course yeah the new album the product in the process it's my first real quick area heavy and puts it is really is before. You know we have a lot of related created during the period no. There is that related. As an exam and outside your San Antonio lashing of users who also uses Antonio man you do it was a brazen show. Let's say humans they don't want you I got love Paul and all that certainly was down six different comfort yankees are folks out there what's expectant we come to town Friday. The great economy we don't laughable thinking marriage decision to me though. We just condolences to talk looks and usually if you rattles all that you loves. Does that come with a cumulative more zoom it might makes for. And what do we hear that crowd no audience meant it looks good to do it again in the in the seventh and I never seen Eric last. He puts on a show made those are matters so don't know what you do when you take words from the crowd to make a son out of breath and it is. It's great man it's though. All of America. I DJ cruised to show will be on the wanting to use us Joni Mitchell there as well. Austin area jazz festival dot com this Friday it might EC senator Grammy nominated Eric Roberson pulled we'd let you go on me that you got to shut out. Well I doubt whoever the big fat to bring my knee Austin do you rate public votes you know going into port yard dash dot. Below actual video whoever got beat us. It can be mean it is probably illegal border so that was so it's not clear how big board there yes. Is it meets again that's what club Messinger talked.