DJ Spinderella Joins Snupe Daniel to Talk About Sunday 90s Party

Friday, March 9th


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I'd atx the meet up Austin the official nineties deejay Dave party now of course we got it rose will it today samarra. But Sunday my good deeds they spend a road they'll be into building a guest and hopeful outlook saga. I am talking to alleged accomplice in a I'll make you know I was putt. People don't leeway to tank tops in. We don't Philadelphia house Sunday at the meet up Austin yell real quick and got a shout out. Austin area jazz festival labs is an official event and it's five dollars all proceeds benefiting the east Austin music academy. It's a little bit of everything out if food music fine. It's been out what's against oral Sunday put people. Well I think not like a bat. And it old school and that is what I do now I. Oh now like back on those who parked side. You know when it in the. Are OK you don't run red. A cabbage patch of core is no instant hammock type Roddy dance him what does he yell out there's still and now you shut that's incredible ability ghost since. Not everybody out there I haven't been out there and in the wild I met and out on. Meet. Yeah. He's been real. One in the. I'm at bat and not mean that we need now a lot of people I'm sore and out. Right to meet up official that he's deejay Dave party. Aunt rose where Parker recreation center this Sunday DJ spender realm ones and twos but Sudan it is going down right now it's Marty's been thank you.