Birthday S/O's - Monday, May 1st, 2017

Monday, May 1st


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Yeah. Non Big Three foot birdie that I. Those six during May Day they've burst out out of personal one real quick I was Anthony Williams. Father of here Williams in NFL Daniel Williams if you don't live. Athletics and officials say is areas specially football yeah probably don't look at being you it's safe to showcase his data flow is a shadow on the coast Anthony Williams now. Coach thanks that's where everything Elizabeth City tries to support for his success story I get over they shut up. Eight broad issue Mon April 9. Okay April look at what is your name. A wherever you are it is not happy birthday to your mother April we got she's Bluetooth or food or. You welcome back. This story got a birthday shout out. It was my birthday. Is okay what should he slowed this kind of market. He knows it is all. Yes it was so he read that. Was definitely envy what was school you were a position was that what was. And his group of immigration and Miguel I mean and how heated it. It's like got a good day yet she McManus especially what Kyle okay. Well and it adoption birthday birthdays on us on the inane all right I'm happy birthday and have a good day. Thank you I'll write me as being on the that I six point 36 NASA story Alexis appreciate you held in Asia and outs and number they outlets is a guy Alexis how heated and it's OK was he renting. Okay answers may shout out again in the Hologic chances out of the Obama team to start his day in and be a heck of fire in a bathroom like about a month ago. And a young lady. All right we'll have been amazing Alexis thank you go you are right some hard fast and easy to Sam will be best. You.