Birthday Shout Outs - Wednesday, June 27

Wednesday, June 27th


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Okay where they showed else's six or 720 American. We didn't so many of these staff feel better had to rush storm so fans but you can check out the pod cast. Many found an oil B dot com okay happy birthday to a girls should get Avery. It's whatever they want right there was a city kid needs a aerial nay nay watch genes attended a 51 to date they go I'd Timmy so why Atkins 51. It's a rain. Scent trail Nelson celebrate today and to credit card is. Wants to send Obama Pamela I have to blow they were so families. I'm Valerie adams' sit in a happy miscues mean Valerie add teams. Savannah a happy birthday to us as magic I live is the lowest celebrate it was 46 but Kevin Anderson thanks and happy birthday. I've done grants as celebrate not fourteen year anniversary. Also marketed chosen her man happy anniversary and last but not least happy belated too much him. Folks standing is Cecily ciphers I mean. They like my eighth seed and although my cousins and my brother insisted Andy's Sicily we love you. Happy anniversary many many more established she beautiful family is well beyond will be back for traffic offered a valid in all states where prohibited by law lords this.