Birthday Shout Outs - Wednesday, July 18

Wednesday, July 18th


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I'm one Su six. It would not be connected got a birthday shed out a couple of well. First stop a girl. Christina Ruiz is having a party at a house. The granddaddy birthday it was daybook vote yesterday. And opposes birth date was yesterday some big chat after the entire Louise failing our girls that would go home. Celebrated a birthday yesterday didn't know was are we needed GS today but we celebrate now weeklong happy birthday to Vivica under the Mann Joshua Jacob. Since winning his own honestly guys they miss bay as did Josh look happy birthday JJ Spiller has been at least a girl until mid day. Todd girl with the most he says Sugar Ray Swedish chipped on the radio. Has he birthday to you girls will be back after this Christopher he's the league's only do not include windows doors or accessories additional business owners who rent or lease space including storage space stop wasting your money paying someone else for your space you can now save a ton of money and own your own building with.