Birthday Shout Outs - Thursday, July 5

Thursday, July 5th


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Says birthdays shall. Six or 750. Nanny Kansas season now and always been a weird week because we had. Big holiday in the middle of the week so where they show announced that it got thrown off some people are working. Continue to shout outs we do be podcast you know a real quick happy belated birthday to my man Andy's site news. Is that of the app via paper real well as check the whole ciphers. Families like eight CX payments and any. One of the finest. Happy birthday Andy Sheila McKinley wishing a happy birthday to cousin Mary and Matthew Daly on celebrating today Sheila Alexander. I was in a happy birthday to Mike Johnson is I am not watch AP sports Mike what do while miked. It's when he not to do that I you got a birthday shout out was. It at an apartment after her work and now they're. Okay but it. Good look at it like I don't. Cosby show hundred hot out dad saying okay how does he did it. His birthday is Sunday policy and LT all Elliott has rarely were we celebrating all week because the blue. All right thank you backwards and flat like miniature relays topping everyone's list.