Birthday Shout Outs - September 1-6th

Wednesday, September 6th


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Why. I got a little over a set out on the phone to try to make this quake has been running low on some a couple of belated birthday shout outs are grown up receded Shane Williams. And Darche craven a belated birthday shout outs from sentiment a fourth. Cargo Kimberly Thomas belated birthday shout out September 3 I'm Bob May and Roger Crenshaw I hit a simple FaceBook is at his wife as Stephanie Cohen shaath. Celebrated a birthday Mikell Simpson the second so four days late but we celebrate now month long from Charlotte Anderson. With no happy birthday to John David Banks today. Turn into one class happy birthday JDR Michael you borrow one of our FaceBook favorites and I celebrated a birthday September 1. Rain they'll Harden into the number they shout out to those signs Beryl organ junior I turned 24 back on the fourth. They didn't CF or celebrated a birthday yesterday Burgos season Letitia Michel Smit. Anniversary of September 3 any marine bulk. Sit in a birthday shout out who was shot to poke you turn thirty winds posted some a fourth we love you so much for mom polish consul Leo we got a lot was shot to walk her. I think the number they shout out to Davone Frederick. Turning eighteen years old today she says always mob maybe even if he likes it or not Charlene Irvin. Witching day day Jones and a happy sits in the second. Birthday shout out and a man save the 9000. From the Louisville area happy birthday if he got a lot to have phones. I appreciate Jolie came (%expletive) And Mariano aliens. Yeah a birthday shout out with the yeah I sure do partner yeah. I ought to give our debt market the don't ask. Your airport and I think it might be related how Greg Clark air force base. That 75 million problems there. Where Clark where it was. Pretty well. Outlook. Well I don't always agree with airport red alert. You're my little. Bobble at road at the end you might know Bloomberg you know now. I dirt. Road you're about to get and how they're brought. Every you know I learned at that spot I would do well I. Mean wow. And Obama and don't get all of all of which still go to your. There are battling Al. Well Bob I gotta run but believe me backstage he's so. If you don't get images with our beat Atlanta shadow began. I don't know not well okay. And I believe that you. Thank you really can't help but. You can thank you all of these. And yeah. Right okay now we'll be back and commercialize this is Eugene Alexander real estate invest.