Birthday Shout Outs - October 4, 2017

Wednesday, October 4th


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Schools and OK leave for a season and fabrication announcement until before a girl flashy Campbell in the event walker we get their faces posted on FaceBook that don't like themselves in the loop also Michael and Michelle bell. A belated anniversary shouted out yeah I'll. The latest on these people feel sorry Tina hearing is October 3. Do limit deal for much of a third. Three on a more family from October 2 missed him from your mom Lisa. And October 1 it's more rain is on your own little. Sixth or seventh when he nappy Dina and get a birdie and ask them. So resounding hit. I'm gonna start they got me out and half as I. I was ready for a talking to a one again. And like me and I'm nannies. And celebrate slit my. And me in my game and my pinky finger and bill you like it is okay. Are real not happy birthday girl. While my back and I applaud and thank you. And or do you get a birthday shout out. Ash and not let them when. They are birthday. How old is she eager to let it was a man. And I and I another eleven happy birthday to we've got some. Outright. Thank you know and it's. Ready in Atlanta belated birthday shout out until the sink into our friend Donna Jackson he's Lieber season banquet drastic.