Birthday Shout Outs - October 2, 2017

Monday, October 2nd


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I'm Randy and me. I'm sorry to see so. They shut else's 647 toting dad because dad initially received of the by the way October. You know fought until the babies think they diminished you know believe bread is scorpio is happy birthday is on gal memo FaceBook. I would have posts it's got a birthday anniversary coming up this month. Would try to read it there and they really don't airs police official they found that six point seven putting up thinking now real quick what birthday shout out to my name's Jake kills. Atx and they re own musically talented good dude Jake you know establish you may have been over thirty once a year I would go to the phones. He got a birthday shout out. Well I quit my grandmother died and I'll see you at that they could edit from my granddaughter security. That ABC influence news. Yet he can't thank you Stoudemire and actually mean more warm again. I. Can six forced him into Alina pitino and he got a Turkish jet out was. Out. Art they're not here or. Not. And I. Can't sit well. OK go are you self breast live for sixty so men like you can really tell a person spears and does and a voice a unique you're doing real well. I'd NASA what happy birthday had birthday to your birthday to instill. Let's face some bills you know because you know would weaken a damn because of the Vegas thing so it was December they show announces a positive thing will be back.