Birthday Shout Outs - Monday, July 9

Monday, July 9th


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Say about that some birthday shout outs travel and six or 720 now. The trailers and radio segment yeah. Fans can't came back. The pod cast. Many thought that RB dot com teaching we're able to catch that last little quick belated Saturday July 7 birthday shout out one name Michael Kelly. It's gonna come you girl Linda Moreno. Charlene Irvin. Is one of my game boy and family Charlene you know we love you happy birthday Charlene Irvin Anthony Rivera celebrating yesterday happy birthday Anthony and a girl exploit is still worry. Tired 42 yesterday which she still looks like who don't know and I should add is magically humanity up person. Slowly I think it's just that's my boy CJ drifts AKA David Haley didn't Abigail would grip since it was it was screw it soon. After the clubs into in the morning on the radio when the beach with a light 1043 back in the day dollars and since gritty still adored his name. Afghanistan and age tale performing concerts DJ grips. Plus you residents and many more birthdays to just. I was quick to borrow six or 720 nasty nasty gotten. Yeah I I have to cut out trips he jetting to injury. Britain's that I. The FB and you know trial. Slow jam. Not getting cases of bird days. Out of it we Jackie happy birthday to. And happy to get a British out. Hey do I directory. It's never and it. Okay about eight. Iron at Bagram. Temporary caddie is on the road with. Series America today. Wolf I'll leave. It will look at what was he rented. It. Now now today in oaks and yeah I'll. It's. Well happy birthday him anymore. A bay William mama and we appreciate yet again.