Birthday Shout Outs - Monday, July 2nd (And Weekend Belated)

Monday, July 2nd


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Six or 720. Fifty Darren a birthday Jack ass before I guess today it got a lot of the ladies from the weakness of the kids season stand up on the 29 a girl Mary gave this. Also rain male hard and it is how one of my day went gambling. Right there on the thirtieth and a girl Valerie Ellis enough families no leaks in Milligan was sub go to training Anderson celebrated. Jackie Jackson. Happy birthday belated choice since it. Crystal diamond delude celebrated on the thirtieth our girls to police Jerry Jenkins is coming from Sydney Kuwait and I knew that Charles said. The weekend of a lifetime she had a birthday on the 29 Friday and an anniversary. This RTS is today is just had to sell local letting. My Q folks musician yeah eight and a so remember and to domain knows what it was when my girl you jump debit cards. Starting Krug is being seen easily in a minute and a so what we love you happy birthday every low. Yeah struck native bothered musician integral parts. And ninety fat man already production crew Jerry you can really MVP god bless you brought happy birthday and I Leisle Brady Cornell I was too wishes sign up Michael. Happy 21 birthday. OK and go to divulge what Dick Armey got a birthday shout out was a. Well as you can come on. And we are happy that they aren't atypical. Every day at that birthday party candidates gain year. Right it's his birthday today. Yeah. They got. Your vote OK okay now as well and okay well I'll gap listen anymore we appreciated thanks. You welcome I will be back out this was in deep trouble with the IRS I hold the IRS a lot I.