Birthday Shout Outs - Monday, July 23

Monday, July 23rd


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Again. Bob what's in six. Haven't won in Africa Debra instead house first off let me salute all like Kansas today officially the first day of Leo season. Julio stand up and if that real quick my belated birthday shout out yesterday Al Gore Charlotte hey Anderson. Celebrated yesterday happy belated cancers season today. July 23. On a few close people who as far as our make Casey. Who wins it Ramos and world renowned boxer. Austin night kimbo Casey happy birthday whatever they want Stephanie Hargrove made it Tiffany Hartley act she moved out to California but still. Japanese you know he's to be jam with his love you happy birthday last week at least atx famous great Olympic bench. Greg is so crazy grant out of C gray and damp down chill below everybody knows railing greatly happy birthday to a quick tip on got a shot out. Yeah. GAAP. And it got to ask some ask her and oh yeah oh yeah I'm. Happy birthday to you sir Charles junior and anymore. They. If you want to experience moments of joy.