Birthday Shout Outs - May 9, 2017

Tuesday, May 9th


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And big board three big non Big Three foot birdie down. Once I was six. It's crazy yeah six storied towers he's an honest and I've got a couple blade wasn't FaceBook added shout out so Powell once made slurs Joseph Roland happy birthday with a zero. Actually he's celebrated a birthday yesterday may eighth Al Michaels might be juniors or sixteen happy birthday from your mother. Carlo Lotta T day birthday shed up to LaToya sexy he's got. Birthday shout out to hammer eat my girls far goal Mosley. And Genco hot AKA DJ got created as a LO cool jays have Vijay what we the end of the beat back new date great friends still today. Happy birthday tech creative. All right Essex boy 36 NASA story Jason I appreciate your elderly show announcer new. My youngest son Andre in styles he's turned a Jew may or OK Andre may seventh birthday okay what was goalie renting. Can't quote it I'm Connolly shout out to me I look Connolly menace not Connelly Americans aren't we have so many kids and power and honeymoon spot you don't. Jessica schoolyard is is on the rise on the rise and trying to do is Alvaro thanks and is. Well you know we noted empathy digging out anyway you may have below is a family Libby run an element out birthdays my happy birthday to you sir I actually thank you thank you actually. I RB got a British got out was so. Yeah. I wanna shout out my valued at sixteen yesterday. Right was his name. Maybe it's the prayer right Christopher Adams pitching well was coolly represented. He would rather liberal web video medal. Our carrier air everywhere or. Finally this county they kindly minister Vaile OK we'll flapping gums after singing sees feel what we got she's. Thank you so much out of my car army got a British got out it was a. Yeah I wanted to add to my aunt. Had eight out of today. To meet gage and concentrate concentrate. It's okay thirty years young still young man and man just these young people only realize they like to do that all right we'll have the birds until we got to guess I'd. I want more I six point 36 NASA extreme you get the last birthday shout out yet. There and I. I am yeah. Are hippies. Are wrong. That they should be I need it. Stevie to Monday senator. And my. I'll tell all I may just not right there are little might main meantime was. Our. I wonder what. Oh. About yet and. All right somebody's in a car grand right now is at now tells a beautiful happy birthday to you some Michael we appreciated. Welcome RA analyst pay some bills and we'll be back appreciate shock.