Birthday Shout Outs - May 4, 2017

Thursday, May 4th


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Foot birdie that I was. Reasons not as extreme birthday shout outs college season meant for the B which you wanna give step you gotta shout outs. I am my goal definitely retain. Or you go 18100 adults are more access. And our panel here former world into liberal and actually shook the very happy fortieth birthday you know all the way down thirty. War is actually get those and its own number forty aspect that you are like emigrate to use it. 6363. Guys. How I get my public back out you went. And we asked. Let's go get it and as we gain. I'm going to outlive. The Dow is what part. Umpire am I at nearly every everywhere opt out and being loaded onto a bit. Company's announcement on my folks who you know that look I got a little in the products but. Happy birthday you thank you Indies ankle. Yeah. Ellerbe got a British. Don't go away. I'm Bob I RO. Art ever met her and brought up are capable and double birthday shenanigans that have run. Darlene and I definitely McClintock can be birth dates he can't. But laid it in the wind today. Are I guess about. Do you hear that sound. If you are direct.