Birthday Shout Outs - May 2, 2017

Tuesday, May 2nd


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Cool. Neighbor. Call 5126436963. Foot birdie that I was. These risks and six great birthday shout outs season and become a homey Derek Obama called birthday today it worked in the same building is so. He's also load. Below. Decks of Edinburgh Aimee. We'll tell everybody hey we're going to go to. Local. But I think that we ultimately you shout out to vote for your birthday. And of course I know what that meant my work outta there. I don't know they have just been piling up there in the world is great liberal don't read every minute and then I didn't. It usually night game. Set out. This league Agca. Our electoral wishing my son I'm very happy when he heard Arctic. And to get my dad. Here it is done right mount unit and agrees it's Lee line you know it's only him down. They viewed at wasn't. Charm their shiny happy birthday did not say thank you. The sound of sweeps when local news pulls out the big guns and serves up stories about.