Birthday Shout Outs - June 25, Monday

Monday, June 25th


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Okay birthday shout out 647 putting up between now and I've got a lot from over the weekend I got to shed out. A star Obama may admire Reagan embroiled. From your cousin will shelling began to hear of the generations barber shop at peace deal this up manly. Kerry Christopher it's your birthday to Wanda Jackson Wilkins celebrated a birthday today. And has been up front Frederica celebrated his birthday five days ago I it would de L Clark turned in thirty. Today with elections when he well array and it didn't east and a Quincy happy anniversary from became cult kidnapped that match or beat. She Yi Al mammal which it is name I feel bad about what to say happy birthday to my bookie. I think she turned fifteen today is a budget and name probably he's. Anywhere from your momma Christie roundtree happy to debate team girl T show. Birds Lewis. Celebrated a birthday on the 23. Crystal Titus is celebrating today Mickey Armstrong Armstrong and lastly Lilly out all. Happy birthday belated moment when he third okay will be back with traffic. Steve Harvey give mr. showed it wanted to sort of myth I've got some young blacks you go green cardinal Sonoma together these guys.