Birthday Shout Outs - June 14, 2018

Thursday, June 14th


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It's OK CX bobbled sins exports seven when he does BP does he get a birthday shout out record. They're telling us today Dennis dark wouldn't go much payload ten is sixteen years old Brandon Bass players happy birthday from your mama will. Examining them at every bullpen Brian Gay. Celebrate belated birthday as well went out faced Russell John today as an agent Evelyn at my family right there is celebrating you hit. Sunday's that we visited over the weekend Stephanie bile happy birthday let's hostage still similar to celebrate the uploading Amber's got yeah. Got a lot of local FaceBook whenever Deschanel Smith celebrate her special day. This just got out of my guess whose birthday is a week from today Xena painter to make K Natali mob family happy birthday can't smoke. Partly so he should Davis tenant forty fat today have you by they would see ship now finally a low one the basic. And a husband to celebrate fifty years eventuality that the biggest is to Chester and Barrett Gartner. 47. Years of marriage celebrate today happy anniversary and a goddess in the end we'll be back on track. In a business like viewers things move fast Everyman whose precious and when you have to hire.