Birthday Shout Outs - April 28, 2017

Friday, April 28th


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Neighbor heard. Call 5126436963. Foot birdie that I was. I just where. He's for the racing now at 63 double birthday shout out for myself my Lumia nephew Wheeler. Shadow tomorrow may Jalen Rose. Adrian gotta love those Sydney dongle right button happy birthday to me you South Carolina happy birthday 6436. 63. You get elements of celebrity guests. Of the mob about how we're Arab Sandler. How were Earl Sandler. Are overstated its first look at prestigious name April 28 we got you Ellen okay thank you can do we need you do. 63 again birthday shout out. That. Hurt. Us. I. These days of the week and it yeah OR. Okay the children make each birthday even more specials. I mean look at guard Damon may gamblers. It.