Birthday Shout Outs - April 26, 2017

Wednesday, April 26th


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Non Big Three foot birdie down. Once it's crazy nasty story everyday that's. I'm here to birthday shout out and get any easy and don't miss your British got out one or re hearing now about that RB dot com a website if I can't. 436. 63 lowest in the lowest I appreciate you holding we shout out to put a birthday. And that's what you had. And he can't any. Speed. And have a good about what best plan would he. Each Anthony McCoy. I would guess. What we guys you lowered my girl. That's enough and is right now look it up high six point 36063. Ursula thank you for holding a lead Japanese shout out. Like to give a birthday shout out to my oldest. Everything is there he's eighteen a day yeah. Cameras and cameras Sampson does a great team okay. It'll you keep keep what I was cool he represents. I. Charter school. Whole fantasy okay our right to be on the angle makes some on the cell mate mama perhaps we appreciate you having amazing Zealand wants. Barcelona. Right 6436 Essex street hey Sherri was up tanks rolled in they got a birthday shout out was this. Yeah all of the money where they are reporting glory years I didn't want to shout out to well how important is. Well and I'm. Our right as us is a good biblical names on them before. Don't 44 we got to thank you go oh yeah you're welcome rice exports are success X three got a birthday shout out was. Yeah. Yeah my daughter. You and twenty shoot you right birds are bigger and I can't December 26 I was gonna from a this drama there hi dale appreciate you sent out our precision and it doubtless you've got to absolutely. A right six point six 63 got a birthday shout out was. They are trying to do our old. Edit with. I shouldn't be OK there's a beautiful name what's he would that was Scioscia today is an Austin. Damn hot stone neon heart nation revs colorful and even into tonight what happened happy birthday at seek him so we appreciate you. Thank you welcome. Write us exports are success story let's pay some bills and will be back to business changes as far as sports or success story I got Labor Day shutout was us. How are paying. On the upper deck trying to okay issue mania a system where I. OK I got loses immigrants. Out alright Christopher sounds and we would appreciate any young man thank you. Our code and.