Birthday Shout Outs - April 12

Thursday, April 13th


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I six point 36 NASA story appreciate Joseph when you got a birthday shout out was. I don't have a birthday and how easy guy guy. I wanna say happy Barclays Kevin my younger young nephew. Oh. It differed from any particular are we wish you luck maybe we'd love it would have a great day okay. Okay little look at NATO boots unity and tequila main party hurt a little party was out there. A young guy called me okay hold outright love how come I don't want to thank you this is just give yourself an army hold on okay. Appreciate held out okay that's very okay Barbie hold on okay we really got to see we give engineers it was a good. It's always freely inside his life pretty imaginative powers stereo was like the Phillies house. Pulled on Jose Flores a director Porter I got a British Jennifer she's elderly you guys. I don't know. I 643 success story appreciate held an early got a birthday shout out. Zip ties you go 08 he got it. I'm here to radio in the background of his image is you can go one it's still apply elements. Are darn hot I'm not okay I was and it particularly invoke B Jeff Weaver they set out. I love you I was so when you got your birthday shout out. Yeah quite. What is what here at his birthday is on our little OK from tying it to Gary Cole what's your favorite Derek memories since. Yeah it was up quite well. Let's thank. Soon move the whole outlook they had did she just lays it out to loses and as an aha I played O mustang daisy I already. I think I had been important for facilitating drug. Thank you you also try for a meal don't look at Susan's brother. In the poll I don't know what she says she might I don't know I probably physically what were you know 63 got a birthday shout out was up. Are you gaga began. Soccer career. Aren't you revert back. At all. All right declines Google British and I said grandma must see how she did it. If she's okay I'm jobless and taking just. Aren't you. Are one more. Candy Null titles are policies not eating his sore throat seasons he no medicated by I want to do is export three and you got a British and Alison just. Did you give thought around namely do what's going young British got out yet. Yeah starting out and Ryan. The orders Charlotte and my nephew Curtis and my granddaughter. Camera. And Charlize courtesy Cameron. Yeah three seized all of this season innings. Yeah. Okay this was up on that album Monroe's we Jonathan Jason and Joshua so. I Philly outlook I'm happy birth dates are three of Datsyuk got. Thank you achy right and thank you for being patient you know his last inning since I don't go as smooth. As you see ago that this was celebrity in the city baby we want to run in his city since Woodbridge six no 63 must pay some bills. You re.