959 RNB Exclusive: Betty Wright Interview

Thursday, May 18th


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In this video are you ambler conditions. List to be talking to you lie my mom don't freak out. My favorite jam by you is no pain. No gain. Osama determined to do their small ownership and yeah you can do. A new ad like that that might does as he champagne remake. The new group could that not I'm not sure made it looked like she didn't. This is just like snoop into my dog and obviously spell asking UPE. Little kid out there that can shoot right election in two years from now. And and talking and start poems are missing now his daddy you do it Fam for real and like I know that you headed out to Vegas and and LA. Back to back nights June 2 and third he's still Abdul and enlighten those leaks. Wish. Still do it worked quite a bit you know if you keep himself Cheney you know usually can't. Wanted to it would do you have a big tip file that you know they don't work in the aftermath chipping and you know he's pretty nice. Told the world that there's been a multi layered guys heard some. Now we learn. May have ended Betty Wright isn't so by the way Austin nights and days from now. And may 28 at the millennium use complex is going to be an incredible show at the Austin area jazz festival. I would ask you about this still does not grown up in my house we could only listen so I'm Terri crouch and BB ACC Winans. Well I grew up a long time before those two regular saluted us we can listen to me anything other than gospel. Did you know you hear it outside of your home and I think there at the British invasion got me and that early multi channel. But I can tell me care REIT boy it's you know Indian church you know those kinds of settings as people had. Her albums until. Or you know that type of music and then if you look at to have burying your definitely parent. The Claude speed mixed. You know on this wants overtones here hearing. The Johnnie Taylor isn't used as saying that's below and we'll send tickets all of those people where you know formally dust and I'm years. So that would that transition game that actually because. They were not pain gospel singers very aware of acting and a lot of churches just didn't feel like. You should get paid. In the church little garbled this time totally different so. You know. Lot of people migrated to. Just seeing the place is because they needed to earn a living. Okay Betty right on the phone drop in jewels I'm blessed right now so but real quick to attack. A wanna mention that the advantage on the 28 is a fund raiser from the east Austin music academy a 100% of proceeds raised more than a doors open at CU boss Neary jazz festival dot com and if you go box FaceBook out like to be shared video taken too much but it's but I'm I'm around until I'm a little bit about bad. Because I mean I only know you know just her mom or get the edges Obama could get me a little bit about this. Organization rule basically is is the Boys and Girls Club unless south essential sexist. And they don't like concerts in advance as fund raisers so you know they don't just ask for money they had put on a performance and in all of the proceeds go out and but it does it help send it to elementary season is like the young games. I did you know they cut out the the music programs and a lot of schools that they don't have the funding so that. Important for me you know because I am 10 lead. You governors on the Grammy board and we do not go home. There of that country and then see what's going on in these different street. Concerning there their own music programs. Because the arts are very important thing in our community standards definitely makes a difference to have gift card your ranch. Instead it would get you know. So that they're so valuable. You know big Gupta top stand. Or lesser extent. Meg and I'm glad to be a pro part of GO legendary jazz festival. I'm looking forward to I'd look toward me at this stage but important hand on the Austrian there and makes a new brand and everything so. Ran all of that. Our our I was basically I. I'm constantly on my obviously what do at least take a socially with you and an inmate on my tensing a little institute nosed we have some nominal yeah. I'll be as you might come down for us from Dallas summer originally from Dallas Austin about OK okay. Three Alison appellate circuit con man entered okay I'm icing on the senate deciding a clue PCs don't freak out so our. We'll miss Beatty right again on May 28 ten days from now make sure we packed the staying millennium used entertainment complex jazz issue middle is Naji. Ginger the Stanley sells in legend Beatty right Betty we appreciate you thank you. Well I'm looking very very forward and you know you could just kick it to daddy daddy daddy dot Austin area chants against war dot com. Can't think she'd been asking you. And little. Odd that gets to you my new best friend thank you actually track it. He was about.