May 15th birthday shout outs

Monday, May 15th


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Cool. Call 5126436963. Foot birdie that I was. He's an important begs bobbled since export three success it's three birthday shout out to do it everyday Baptist town and apologized last Friday. No doubt it's. But a mama's boy play about the time dad to do that America Asia and asked I have to be there would be happy nephew Tommy meet greet and Loma aide knew I was late. Even though I left early sell enough. Sometimes you fail even we try to do the right thing and it SOK at least try and avert a shout outs of we get it close. Irony that you have birthdays that the Ireland and Cameron and their mom and it looked the chemo like it was my only at the camera. Yes sir ain't it sounds line. You have to do you think cameras it's like grabbing a you know and in all of the of the used to be just like cows are. They. OK and a bit so big where there's again we casket of bank. Prepared loose. Six Essex or Denver based. We're glad you're in the art bailout yesterday. I actually bought it you're. I'd go all others to operate like it I don't promote big. Very. Late at. They sold six point three success story day get over Asia. Yeah I'll armed get afraid of birth date commodities that no one that's almost write the one and Tomlinson. Yeah bomb brought hey it's a yellow Isabella you don't. Armed darn I'm nearly I'm doing great analyst best. I'm happy birthday to you can't vote and we got okay thank you. Great that grip is a plant out.