Birthday Shout Outs - May 10, 2017

Wednesday, May 10th


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Scoring position us to the the marine makes his birthday shout out we'll play got to shut out much info Robbie Joseph LBJ senior this year I do mama. Johnny Apple FaceBook and on an anti birthday here both sides stagnation. 6436. Essex three got a birthday shout out. Yeah. Let's say it can't CEOs today how does David today. I'm not sure I'd. And Gerri some like that okay I'll get and as the day and of the years. I want to do tasks. Better depreciation and create an L Lawrence. OK I. Our sixth race NASA story I've got a British got out show due to flu bullet is gonna give out. Quote yeah it was semi get a British shadow CN. A probe girlfriend Arnold and it through. You reminiscent today on a birthday closer to the current political and Clinton seals green there I I'll I'll be do you do well brother. There are doing pier where did these. It noticed eroded very vessels I clip I was a little sort order are similar so they'll not let you know well you know sometimes she's planting it in here he knows it's looking into cameras sometimes she BZ Vanessa cakes. But for gotta go go guy I would do it used to myself wolf we just crazy that's my boy don'ts list 8643 success story birthday shout outs W got. Yet another odd punch out Edward O Colin. I think he's for your go to bags and none of them being ranked I think I can. You welcome Charleston point four thank you price 6436 63 got a birthday shout out. Yes me gag Vera. Add my daughter she's 37 days to push it out his name and Ileana right yes. And Ileana menace beautiful name number seven okay well I godless and many more in happy Mother's Day to you. They hear right seventy Alba. Price six point 36 no 63 got a birthday shout out. Sort of got a little models to run those he moderate income and I'm a great. Tree right doable. And I want to walk so different about my remote rebate wisely. NASCAR is also miss crazy may not twins born the same days forget about our work out. Well or are tricky at a bar with Randy Howell James nix. So many stars some and a senator Richard recruiter James god bless him and thank you mean we appreciate. Art extinction are six what worries expressed extreme got a birthday shout out. Yeah epic Arctic cannot you don't owe. Me. Am. The bounce back all right get me they young got it again today six point 36 Essex three got a birthday shout out. Yes we get guys. I'm not at. Lucky it was his name. Larry David. Larry David okay what I gamblers and I'm happy birthday and we appreciate you thank you thank rice exports last won a license for 36963. Of the last British and a lead yet. All. These are they won't be CK is her name. Wall OK who's come of rounds. Are all got to OK we'll happy Mother's Day tour happy birthday to this weekend though there's a whole week. We guys are gamblers are six point three success story will pay some bills and we'll be back do you.