Birthday Shout Outs - April 25, 2017

Tuesday, April 25th


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435953. Foot birdie out. Radio segment called ask him now hate next weekend's big can be cured chaos he's never knows dire. Bob would say 06 boys were just dancing sorry guys. They sat out segment manually irrational titles without birthdays GAAP I mean Elaine you. Birthday are related to gas sales six point three success story. I get birthday shot. Analysis. To accommodate everybody that. Needs Christy let me. Is OK Christie Labor Day this was your favorite Kristy Lee mummies memories. It would just a little. Yeah Carter wouldn't have to pay a little bit year old daughter out of here and there streets. Yeah days. High school days. And the big. House. Nowhere that we UN high schools and it. Yeah monologues I'll have a link him day nobody on the mercy drag drag and everybody that increasingly British senior. Thank you missing in his. Is yeah I. Our army all autos. Are six point threes access to the reasonably Alando appreciate Salmonella you got rid of our nation now. One would have occurred similarly it is an eerie. Sydney in every business yes you get a favorite mentioning a moment. So favorites in a moment yes. And let someone with a karaoke for her personal hair her her animals or hear it on her and she's hanging. Do you remember what I think bill yeah yeah. At Bagram probably. Have been OK just so I was happy birthday soon delicious Italian want to thank you are thinking of actually intimated tag army I don't know. Army hold on okay essentially vows Howard Stern as like Bobby bones of a hands toward the Dallas is Sarah have pretty sick. Hey that's RB got a British ad Alice. It was OK I you know and I got a birthday shout out it's. Like wow okay belatedly get. Yeah. Care Williams the the Bobble it yeah I'll gadgets and adding Aaron Williams okay. Right you all OK okay are looking coming isolated and is still like somebody different ways is it isn't just a classical docs biblical double A way. They're mobile although you are located we are and what had Bieber dating and and thank you. Thanks here here as soon. Christ export Terry success story you got a birthday shout out so. Or or her the police adorns. CC. Parent okay this silly on you got a quick and that's favorite moment of us. I don't know what you think OK all right see this. I think recently did he can write the tournament a recent still may be I wanna be I get a British got out thank you filed by. A instantly get yet. How was your birthday is done what they've been Graham. And the ball OK sixteen years alternate. Our ice we 61 A Nina well what was cool she represents. News. It takes an OK when it blew the middle schools back sees what I can't be happy number sixteen so way and thank you we appreciate ceased. Outright have a piece Duke's Alison is a like the last the nicest am I six points or six now as a strategist one more high you got a British and Alison out. Yes I do know this is thanks very nice and how he Miami's actually dancers today as a guard sank. I wanna stop letting him join us I love so very much. Turns out so glad he's. The CD Hamas favorites Tracy actually I need to have close ranks classic brown hair anyway that's racing we appreciate she's. As you are in Adelaide what about an ideal and he's British generals do they make me implied chance Obama did alerts and let's go finally Nasr ad that army got sounds like as a birthday shout out some will be back.