Chris Tucker Interview (959 RNB with Snupe Daniel)

Friday, September 15th


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Our crew is. OK okay that you stand. Well hey Chris say hey thanks man pleads not doing this and I know what are we really appreciate it. Are no problem thank you just don't yes yet again yet they do not Kansas Slaton and this is like an honor from the men and as Colin Powell. Saturday night 8 o'clock job original Def comedy jam Friday would ice cube rush hour we Jackie Chan rock my world William. Did you ever imagine. The second seed. Then you know what I you know I was just let what I would do admit it hope they'll let the Iraqi units at a movie you know brought up watching Richard Pryor Eddie Murphy. Men and you know this is set at stake it got it up out of the you know I think I could do to battle like that could be good and hopefully. What day do you like acting Morgan's standup or vice Versa. You know I broke from the same both well I can't. Choose between the two football probably elaborately you know like me it you know being creative global problem and it it's a lot of fun. OK so the rock my world video is sixteen years old now. Ohm I know you was real close with in Jay do you have any like not traditional favorite Michael Jackson thought why not Billie Jean beat it media and the like. Now like all of Mae Erica the Michael sunk more visit Blake committed his image he was just disconnect between it would mean I'll wait and he cut it any comment Michael. Yes okay ya again bass concert hall Saturday night 8 o'clock Chris Tucker in concert crystal with Saudi agents skate and went with the falcons the other day on Twitter. Don't my boys made up from Atlanta man and went down to beat him Mindanao Holyoke Leo Joseph Thornton gets. Yes well that's a lawyer the and it would be Chicago last week opened we. We beat the Green Bay this week. OK okay yeah yeah I got a I got out Freeman on my fantasy team so I Taliban content until we play our Chris don't wanna take it too much you timing we appreciate you have a best 'cause of all Saturday night yeah I'll listen I was staying out. Krista the outlaw which you go to Asia and out to anybody. Often a carbon carbon tomorrow night beating up his club back. We'll have a good time Chris Douglas thank you please you do a bit got wrecked they Q.