Birthday Shout Outs - August 29, 2017

Tuesday, August 29th


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Yeah she. And. Thank you see them harder yeah. And they got exactly how. I'm Randy means. 512. I'm sure those season in full effect birthday shout out 647 to clean up the Canaccord second bulk from LBJ get an analyst. Do this thing down again TSA happy birthday Kim filed. Brittany Johnson her wish a happy birthday to my man as president Steve Johnson happy birthday he's seen police she gained wish me happy birthday to my granddaughter. Arianna hunts are happy birthday Christina Ruiz at second but right now. Which in her father and happy birthday today and lasted at least up on FaceBook on the shelf Mitt. Wishing her mother's happy birthday okay base but enough about them or being he. And the September birthday shout out list will go up all Friday so you know our Burgos to represent. We'll be back with threats to us from the home and provides high quality loan services.