Birthday Shout Outs - June 8, 2017

Thursday, June 8th


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Call 512643. 963 foot birdie that I was. It's 436963. Real quick pop up based blog gets in a big birthday shout out to. My girl. They didn't feel horns celebrating a birthday today also to Roxy Rodriguez appreciate Jerry Nolan is always a birthday on FaceBook so we suggest you out you know Jim and our season. I six point 36 nasty story got a shadow. Yeah are not correct. How. Right I do I'll celebrate ever dance. It was cool as you rapid. 00 well it all OK it's all right and it is easy to build it all right well. And on the seventeenth two and anymore we appreciate it. Back. Army got a grip it. And he says Ireland I wanna match and then member rare element closer than they ever actually listening. One name is called my tank. And the lineage judgment Hernandez. It. Not with Matt Schaub and English teacher and he might explain why and I feel like they left my house. I'm just in Egypt and when he let. A. Eat eat and I would like him Ahmad that he like everyday he. I appreciated him enough. Back. It lands one James appreciate you held a minute you get the British at Abbie again. I got more art trailer and certain. Rights freedom Robinson OK towards when he won again. Are you all right okay that the crew that they are okay okay okay we have the attitude of oh no foreign. You know and OS maybe I outgrew coded from often good old curse you record will. Hoarding okay may get in that that was well phrase happy birthday to him anymore we appreciate you can vote. Thank you read in exchange for six let's remember Chris Robinson I know what our pig out on all disabled. It's so much fun wrapped up cotton celebrate the thirtieth anniversary the best start June 18 celebration. It's so much fun wrapped up into one lobe on George did this to block party at the current community center. Did on June 16 and seventeenth.