Snupe Reviews: Katt Williams Great American Comedy Showcase

Williams soared past expectations with well-researched presentation

August 7, 2017

Excellent job by Katt Williams at HEB Center in Cedar Park on Saturday night.  The opening comics and host (and comedian named Red) were outstanding.  The Obama impressions flowed, and the crowd involement was positive.

Then Williams hit the state donned in a Cowboys hat and long coat.  His opening monolouge was laced with so many Austin-laced references and subject matter, you would have thought Katt lived in the 512.  In what was his final stop in over 100+ cities, Williams energy was on point as if it were his first show.  The segment drop on Huston-Tullotson was sincere and well researched.  Ask anyone in attendance, he exceded most expectations.

Overall Grade: A+