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Sydney Chantel | Emansypation

July 10, 2017
Big Ced & Sydney Chantel in Studio

What happens when you take a Hawaii born pastors granddaughter and raise her in the Austin art scene? You are left with a talent by the name of Sydney Chantel. From a young age Sydney had set her sights on performance. From local theatre productions to church choir, she was constantly immersed in music and dance. Sydney was a member of Ballet Afrique, a local dance company that combines traditional African dance with modern ballet. Chantel also performed at Zach theatre in “Aida” and performed in multiple productions with the Ministries That Matter Performing Arts Academy. Her mother filled her childhood with classic RNB and gospel at home. This foundation primed her perfectly for her musical career today. She has a sound that combines sultry neo-soul with the antiquated spirituality with which she raised, Chantel finds harmony in her authentic and personal music. Download her single Emansypation, available now and look for her new EP coming soon to a computer near you. And keep up with Sydney Chantel on Facebook at